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Now you are an Alumni of an exciting IYLC conference! But that doesn’t mean your involvement is over. We invite you to continue with IYLC, sharing your experience and enthusiasm with others. Depending on the level of involvement in which you can participate, we have three positions available.


Country Contact

A Country Contact volunteersto be a representative of CCI in the region in which they live.  A Country Contacts should be ready to meet with their home university and work with CCI to make their university a partner, encourage students to apply, and identify local funding so the conference staff can work to make the proper connections.As a Country Contact, be also ready to become a point of reference for the students and staff of the local universities and answer their questions based on yourcountry-specific first-hand experience.

Project Initiator

Help to get the IYLC to your university, country or region.  Work to build up contacts with potential university partners, potential funders and encourage alumni from the region to assist.  The Project Initiator is a volunteer position designed to build momentum for a new IYLC.  Once there is enough momentum to establish a Conference, this position will evolve into a paid position of Project Manager and eventually, once dates are decided and we start to receive applications, to the position of Conference Director.  CCI and the IYLN are looking to initiate projects, such as an IYLC African series, IYLC South as well as South East Asia, IYLC Latin America, and IYLC Pacific Rim.  We also look to expand focus on regional topics as well as initiating new Conferences based on topics such as climate change, and global finance/economy.  We are also more than ready to explore new ideas and proposals from you!

Network Contributor

The Network contributor is a volunteer position that will contribute on a regular basis to the content of the IYLN web site.  We are looking for blog contributors, youth event/conference announcement contributors, youth/civic movement and leadership contributors. We specifically appreciate academic information and resource material for the site, and updated information regarding job openings in the international field. 

Each of the above mentioned positions is a good starting point if you are interested in a career with CCI and the IYLN and a very good way to get on the short list for the coveted IYLC facilitator position!

The description of the above-mentioned tasks for the three international positions is non-exhaustive, so if you want to participate and be active alumni, but you are not sure about the amount of time you can dedicate, don´t hesitate to contact us nevertheless!

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