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JADE offers individualized programmes to help you developing a Junior Enterprise in your University. If you (University staff, Professor, student) wish to launch the development of a Junior Enterprise, JADE’s Enlargement team is available to support you along the way.


JADE has developed a Maturity Model that structures the development of a JE. We will also provide you with precise guidelines in order for you to develop processes, statutes, your Junior Enterprises’ strategy, launching your first recruitment campaign, managing your first project … JADE Enlargement team will also organise regular follow-up meetings with you in order to guide you and support you through the different steps.


As a Junior Entrepreneur, you get the opportunity to already develop as a student the skills that the job market is looking for. As a young graduate with experience, you will develop both your hard and soft skills, and learn what recruiters expect from you. May it be team working, sales, public speaking, relationship management, problem solving: none of those will have a secret for you anymore: not only will you develop your skills in your expertise field but you will already be able to manage a company, be in contact already with entrepreneurs, companies and fellow students … The Junior Enterprise concept gives you the opportunity to fill the gap between education and the business world and to get ready for the job market!




Take the next step in creating a Junior Enterprise in the creation of a Junior Enterprise! The JADE Enlargement team will support you all along the way, as well as the national confederation of Junior Enterprises in your country, if there is any. If you are located in the Americas or Asia, our sister confederation Brasil Junior will help you in creating your JE!

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