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  • Korea, South


The Korean Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (KSUM) officially invites the application of candidates from all over the world for KSUM Fellowship for 2018 calendar year.


The period of clinical training in Korea shall be in 2018 calendar year.

The objectives of the fellowship are to enhance medical ultrasound-related research and clinical practice by training applicants in Korean academic institutions. And it is also to contribute to the distribution and improvement of medical ultrasound in the world, encouraging mutual understanding as well as scientific cooperation.

Term and Period for Clinical Training

(1) The term for clinical training shall be from 2 weeks in principle.
(2) The period of clinical training shall not be altered in principle.
(3) It is recommended (not obligation) to stay in Korea during the period including annual congress of KSUM (KSUM Open) that is held in every May

Duties of Recipients

(1) During the period of clinical training and/or research, recipients must obey Korean law, should cooperate with teachers and related personnel, and should make every effort to achieve the objectives of the fellowship.
(2) On completion of the period of clinical training and/or research, recipients should submit a related report to the office of KSUM at their earliest convenience.
(3) Immediately on completion of clinical training and/or research, recipients are obliged to leave Korea for their home country where they should contribute to the general improvement of medical ultrasound.

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

Requirements of Recipients

(1) Age: Recipients may be up to 40 years of age.
(2) Career: Recipients must be specialists with sufficient training and experience in medical ultrasound who have graduated
from medical colleges.
(3) Language: Recipients must use fluent English or Korean to enable them to complete the clinical training and/or research.


Deadline: November 15, 2017

Cost/funding for participants:

The grant will include lodging, air-fare and minimum cost of living.
(US $ 2,000 for 2weeks training period, $ 3,000 for 3 weeks training period and $ 4,000 for 4weeks training period)

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