Let's bring "Japan" to home country! - The Akebono Foundation Scholarship


Undergraduate Master PHD Fellowship & Research

Location (s):

  • Japan


The Akebono Scholarship was established with the aim of fostering talented individuals who are eager to learn in Japan. We provide scholarships to those who want to come to Japan but are unable to do so due to financial reasons, and support their life in Japan. After their studies in Japan, we hope that they will become a bridge to Japan in the future, and that they will be able to build international human networks with other scholarship recipients through the medium of Japan.


The Akebono Scholarship supports those who wish to study in Japan.

We will grant you a scholarship and invite you to Japan in 2022. Share with us why you have a desire to learn in Japan and what you would like to learn.

The selected students will be given the privilege to study in Japan with financial support (educational and travel expenses) through The Akebono Scholarship. "I want to acquire skills that only exist in Japan and bring them back to my country." "I want to learn about Japanese technology and do business in my country." We provide opportunities for you to learn in Japan and be an active contributor in your home country and globally.

The Akebono Scholarship gives you experiences in Japan:

  • Open to people who are willing to study in Japan: We are looking for people who want to study in Japan for during the year 2022. The secretariat will make a selection based on the candidate’s chosen subject and his or her motivation to learn in Japan. Those who pass the selection process will be awarded The Akebono Scholarship and invited to Japan.
  • Choose what you want to learn in Japan: Traveling to Japan is an opportunity to learn about Japanese culture, business, and more. We will provide you with a unique study plan where you can learn from professionals in the field you want to study.
  • Receive support in Japan: The Akebono Scholarship also provides support for relocation and daily life in Japan. Our staff will support you in securing housing and other required assistance during your stay.

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

Applicants must:

  1. Have Nationality of the following countries: Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia
  2. Relocate to Japan and have the will to learn
  3. Be able to communicate smoothly in Japanese

Japanese language knowledge

We received questions regarding our requirement of Japanese language proficiency. The reason why we require a certain degree of knowledge of the Japanese language is that, as the winner of the scholarship, you will need to live in Japan and will carry out your studies in Japanese.

Certainly, we do not require you to speak Japanese perfectly, but the ideal candidate must be able to communicate smoothly with us in Japanese. We will provide you with support during your stay in Japan, but unfortunately we will not be able to be present every time.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants:

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