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MOX helps mobile startups from around the world to acquire users for free – our goal is customer acquisition cost zero – and to monetize these users and drive higher lifetime value. Our network of MOX startups cross-promote each other and receive free promotion from our network of partners in return for revenue share. We help startups expand into the world’s fastest-growing markets in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, South America, and Eastern Europe. MOX is operated by SOSV – The Accelerator VC, the #2 most active seed investor in 2019 (Crunchbase), a top 20 US venture firm (PitchBook) and top 10 most active investor in Southeast Asia (Tech in Asia). Our unique full-stack model has delivered a net IRR over the last 20 years that puts us in the top 10% of all venture funds worldwide.


We serve the next 4 billion mobile internet users

The first billion internet users accessed the internet using PCs, but the next four billion—in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America—have leapfrogged straight to smartphones. They are mobile-first and mobile-only. Some will go their entire online lives without ever having touched a computer. See how MOX enables startups to capitalize on this movement.

MOX has a modular program that allows founders to run their companies while participating in the program. We run one-week modules such as Growth Hacking Week, Fundraising Module, and GOAT (Geeks on a Trip) in Taipei, SE Asia, or India.


There are lots of accelerators but few with our operational expertise and institutional knowledge. MOX is a part of SOSV, the Accelerator VC, with over US$700M under management investing through its six global accelerators and a lab. SOSV founded Chinaccelerator, the first accelerator to launch in Asia 10 years ago and the first and only active accelerator to have a unicorn go through its program in Asia - Bitmex Batch 8 Fall 2015. MOX leverages SOSV’s institutional and operational experience managing multiple accelerators over the last 10+ years to bring a wealth of knowledge on how to best run an accelerator.


MOX has a wide breadth of relationships and partnerships throughout the region; our partner ecosystem includes smartphone brands, mobile telcos, ad networks, media companies, real estate firms, financial institutions, retail outlets, and mobile content providers in Southeast Asia, India and beyond. MOX partners promote our startups, helping them scale up quickly after they achieve product-market fit and are able to generate consistent revenues.


Twice a year MOX hosts Growth Week featuring some of the brightest minds on product and marketing in the region, including our experts-in-residence, amazing mentors and alumni startups sharing best practices, case studies and workshops.


Intensive 1:1 mentorship from over 350 serial entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and battle-hardened VCs. Learn one on one from the perspectives of those who have been there and done that, failed but then succeeded. 

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  • We accept companies serving emerging mobile markets such as SE Asia and India. App or no app.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants:


  • Our fund SOSV takes 6% common equity through a Stock Purchase Agreement (SPA) and invests through a convertible instrument with a cap and 20% discount called an Accelerator Contract for Equity (ACE) similar to a SAFE. At the same time we invest US$100K, US$55K is cash and US$45K is the program cost, which we pay on the startup’s behalf to the accelerator.


  • Over US$1.5 million in perks from AWS, IBM, Salesforce, Hubspot and other SOSV partners
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