MTN Startup Program

February 03, 2019

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Along with the MTN Open API, MTN will also be launching a Startup Program to support Early stage startups into growth as they journey to become successful startups.


The MTN Startup Program is in most of cases a Zero Equity Program, meaning that beneficiaries will not be expected to give MTN equity in return.

How do Innovators access the MTN Startup Program?

Access to the MTN Startup Program will be through participation in MTN Innovation challenges which MTN will communicate to the public from time to time. As an example, Participation in the MTN Open API challenge starting on 13th Dec 2018 will automatically be entry to compete to benefit from the Startup Program.

Is it automatic that when an innovator participates in a MTN innovation challenge they will benefit from the Program?

Participants in a MTN Innovation challenge are automatically entered to compete to benefit from the Start Up Program.However beneficiaries will be the identified based on defined judging or performance criteria specific to a given MTN Innovation initiative.

How much equity does MTN take from beneficiaries?

In most of the cases, MTN will NOT take any equity from beneficiaries. However, for outstanding projects with excellent commercial potential, Equity discussion might be considered

Will there be any agreements to be signed by participants?

Each MTN Innovation challenge will have its terms & conditions. To participate in the initiative users will have to accept the related terms & conditions.



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Deadline: February 03, 2019

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