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Amsterdam, Austin, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris, London...


MeasureCamp is an open, free-to-attend unconference, different to any other digital analytics conference.

In Short... MeasureCamp was an idea conceived back in mid 2012 for a different type of Digital Analytics conference. We wanted something different to the traditional conference and were inspired by BarCamps.


The solution is a conference which is free to attend but held on a Saturday, so you must want to be there. A conference where everyone is welcome and indeed encouraged to contribute a session. Where sessions may be presentations or discussions or workshops or even game shows.

It sounds a bit chaotic and it can be. But out of that chaos, something special happens. People freely share their ideas and discover themselves learning more. The community grows. The success is in the growth, from 130 people at the 1st MeasureCamp in Sept 2012 to MeasureCamps being held in 24 cities around the world in 2019, with more continuously joining in the fun.

It may have slowed down a bit in 2020/21 due to the global pandemic but it also forced us to create the virtual MeasureCamp. This has enabled us to continue with MeasureCamp while people cannot meet in person and is a format that will continue to be used to complement in-person events in the future.

MeasureCamp Calendar

MeasureCamp in 2020/21 was a bit of washout due to a global pandemic with a few exceptions. A big thing for us was we introduced the virtual MeasureCamp, it will never be the same as meeting in person but we worked hard to create an experience which is close. 

Hopefully 2022 is a step towards returning to normal, for the world and for MeasureCamp.

This list of MeasureCamps in 2022 will be updated throughout the year as dates are confirmed, everything is obviously subject to change.

  • 26th Feb – North America (combined virtual event by San Francisco, Cincinnati, Columbus, Austin, Los Angelas and Montreal)
  • 14th May – London
  • 14th May – Bucharest
  • 21st May – Amsterdam
  • 11th June – Copenhagen
  • 25th June – Paris
  • 25th June – Berlin

Run your own MeasureCamp

MeasureCamp is expanding around the world as can be seen on the homepage world map. They are always organised by local members of the Digital Analytics community, following the central guidelines. It is a lot of work to organise a MeasureCamp but very rewarding. If interested, please contact the MeasureCamp founder Peter O’Neill at

The key requirements to be given the go ahead to run a MeasureCamp are:

  • At least six members of an organising committee from at least three different companies.
  • Commitment from each person that they are involved to support the community, not to promote their own organisation.
  • Agreement that email addresses collected can only be used for MeasureCamp purposes.
  • Ideas for a date and venue for the MeasureCamp.

Assuming the MeasureCamp is approved, support is provided through:

  • Use of the name MeasureCamp (which has been trademarked) and branding
  • Provided with a website and email address
  • Template for sponsor pack, eventbrite, mailchimp, etc
  • Support with any questions

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Description of Ideal Candidate

  • Tickets are available to anyone who wants to attend


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants


  • MeasureCamp is an inclusive event and tickets are available to anyone who wants to attend. These tickets are free and they will always be free. The only limitations are on the number of attendees from each company, there is a limit of 3 or 4 to ensure no one company dominates the list.
  • Competitors to sponsors, whether vendors or agencies, can attend and in fact, should never be excluded. It is requested that sales people and recruiters, if not a sponsor, do not attend and they cannot add to the knowledge being shared and are taking the ticket of a Digital Analytics practitioner who can.
  • Ticket releases are staggered to give everyone a fair chance of obtaining one. They do go very quickly though so people wanting to attend need to be prepared.
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