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Location (s):

  • France
  • Worldwide


Innovators, Euroméditerranée offers you a testing ground! Does your solution improve the urban experience using digital tools? Or offer a pleasant and hospitable living environment? Or make the city more energy-efficient? Then apply to MED’INNOVANT by 29 September 2019!


This call for applications aims to identify and support project leaders (start-ups, micro-businesses, SMEs) that develop innovations on the theme of the smart, sustainable city.

Organised by Euroméditerranée Urban Development Agency.

What are the themes?  

Improving the urban experience using digital tools:

  • Digital urban services, mobile applications and other media
  • Contactless technology and connected objects

Offering a pleasant and hospitable urban environment:

  • Equipment for buildings or personal use that contributes to housing comfort or workplace well-being
  • Services or equipment that contribute to the quality of public spaces, living together and the security of people and property
  • Social innovation and solidarity mechanisms in the city

Making the city greener and more energy-efficient:

  • Design solutions that reduce the city’s
    environmental impact (energy, water, waste, space)
  • Systems or equipment that facilitate urban management and cost control

When is the period for applications?  

  • The call for applications is open continuously from 8 am on 2 September to 11:59 pm on 29 September 2019 (UTC+1).
  • Applicants must apply online, using the dedicated section: APPLY

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

What are the selection criteria?  

  • Identification of the need and the issue to be resolved: applicant’s ability to explain the proposed solution in terms of the identified need
  • Impact on the testing ground: the innovation must be able to be implemented within the EcoCité Euroméditerranée
  • Robustness of the project / business model:appropriateness of the solution, technical feasibility, commercial maturity, implementation timeframes
  • Level of maturity of the innovative solution: > or = TRL 6 (prototype or system model demonstrated in a relevant environment)
  • Quality and credibility of the team: ability to lead a project

Who can apply? 

Start-ups, micro-businesses and SMEs based in France or overseas that have an innovative response to a need in the sphere of the sustainable Mediterranean city


Deadline: September 29, 2019

Cost/funding for participants:

What are the benefits for winners?  

  • €40,000 of funding (to be shared between the two winners)
  • Contributions in kind and dedicated support:
    • Joining an accelerator: Each winner will get three months’ membership of the P.Factory accelerator’s “Académie” programme.
    • Legal support: The Fidal legal practice offers each winner six hours of legal support to be used over a period of six months from the award date, under the following terms: Three hours on issues relating to intellectual property law, information technology law or contract law (licensing, sales, distribution, etc.), one hour for company law, one hour for tax law, and one hour for social law.
    • Promotion of your solution in a showroom: ConnectWave offers each winner (only where a specific prize for contactless technology and connected objects is awarded by the selection committee) a spot/plot in their La Coque showroom for one year, together with the promotion of their application via the CNRFID websites, social media and press releases (worth €3,620 excl. VAT), plus a complete showcasing of their technical solution (worth €1,950 excl. VAT). This contribution in kind is worth a total of €5,570.
    • Mentoring and support for winners from an ad hoc steering committee
  • A testing ground to test and demonstrate the innovative solution: EcoCité Euroméditerranée (the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 14th and 15th arrondissements of Marseille).
  • Targeted networking with key accounts
  • Integration with EMUL (Euroméditerranée Metropolitan Urban Lab), a network of industrial partners working to develop innovative solutions on eight themes linked to the sustainable city
  • Visibility (press communications, social media, websites, trade fairs, etc.)
  • Free 1-year membership of the Euroméditerranée Cité des Entrepreneurs
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