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  • United Kingdom
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire


We invite researchers and engineers with a background in machine learning, healthcare, biology, human-computer interaction, or any related field to join our two-year residency program in the Health Intelligence team at Microsoft Research Cambridge.


The Health Intelligence team at Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK) lab is dedicated to advancing Healthcare and Life Sciences with AI. Our mission is to solve these challenges following Microsoft’s AI Principles of fairness, reliability & safety, inclusiveness, privacy & security, accountability, and transparency in a multidisciplinary team.

We are a multi-disciplinary team that includes engineers, machine learning experts, statisticians, medical practitioners, user experience researchers, and biologists that work together in areas like Hospital Care, Mental Health, Medical Imaging, Immunomics, and Synthetic Biology. To have an impact in these areas requires diversity and an open attitude to learn new skills and mental models. We want you to be part of a vibrant environment in which diverse skills and knowledge is valued when addressing some of the hardest and most impactful problems of our days. For example, we are using machine learning to decode the human immune system to facilitate the diagnosis of different diseases, developing tools to reprogram cellular DNA for therapeutic and industrial applications, or helping clinicians to cope with the growing demand on healthcare. 

In the residency you are expected to join one of current projects of the group (see here for more details about the current projects) or to be part of the incubation of a new one. You will be also able to interact with the vibrant research community in the Lab working on Cloud Computing, Machine Intelligence, Confidential Computing, the Future of Work, and other digital-health research groups across Microsoft including Health Futures.


The program focuses on the development of cross-disciplinary skills. For candidates with a background in medical/biological sciences, the program offers an opportunity to acquire new computational skills that will allow you to better understand and utilise healthcare data. Similarly, if your background is in machine learning/statistics or engineering, then you can learn more about biology and healthcare by working alongside domain experts. In both cases you will be pushing the boundaries of science to have an impact in real healthcare problems. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of experts and partners in the field and collaborate with them developing new methods and tools.

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Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:


Candidates may have already completed or be on track to complete a PhD or have equivalent clinical or industrial experience. We are looking for candidates that are enthusiastic about working in a multi-disciplinary team, be open to acquire new skills out of their domain of expertise, and be willing to communicate and share ideas in both a technical and non-technical way. In addition to these core attributes, it is preferrable for candidates to have specialist skills in one or more of the following disciplines: 

Biology and Healthcare:

  • Background in bio-engineering, healthcare, or medicine.
  • Experience working in the healthcare and life sciences sector or related.
  • Publications in top clinical or scientific journals or equivalent industry experience.

Machine Learning or Related Discipline:

  • Publication record at top-tier ML conferences or equivalent industry experience.
  • Hands-on experience with different data modalities used in healthcare and life-sciences, including patient electronic health records, radiomics, genomics, immunomics, etc.

Software development:

  • Excellent coding ability in frameworks used in machine learning and statistical analysis.
  • Past experience in open-source software development, design, implementation, testing and documentation. 

User-experience research:

  • Experience with mixed methods user research (e.g., ethnographic observations, interviews, questionnaires).
  • Ability to translate findings into practical insights for technical, design and clinical impact.
  • Track record of publications in top tier HCI and Medical Informatics conferences/journals.
  • Experience working on real-world health problems.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants:

Employment type: Post Doc Research

Benefits and perks

  • Industry-leading healthcare
  • Giving programs
  • Educational resources
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Opportunities to network and connect
  • Discounts on products and services
  • Generous time away
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