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In the past years, Milky Way Foundation has supported over 200 students to continue their studies through its scholarship program, opened a Montessori Academy, 6 community libraries and embarked upon massive advocacy campaigns to promote Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) from the platform of its global project Milky Way Youth Movement. We have launched over 1000 social action projects to promote Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and currently are running advocacy campaigns based on 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 100 countries across 6 continents with the help of around 1500 Members and Ambassadors.


We aims to link today’s youth with tomorrow’s youth by raising the slogan of “Today’s youth for Tomorrow’s Youth” and stand for education for all, gender equality, cultural and religious harmony, Peace and promoting civic engagement among youth in the society.

We proudly invite the youth to Join the Leading youth led Movement “Milky Way” and help us  launch advocacy campaigns on issue of immense importance in your villages and cities as we believe in unity and find the solutions of our issues in our collaborative efforts .

We proudly invite the youth to join one of the globally leading Youth Movements as it’s

  1. Member
  2. University Ambassador
  3. Global Youth Ambassador
  4. Global Teen Ambassador
  5. Youth Led Organizations
  6. Join Team Milky Way

Why University Ambassador at Milky Way?

As a University Ambassador of Milky Way YOU will be benefiting yourself in the following ways along with serving the fellow youth.

  1. You will receive information regarding opportunities nationally and globally like academic and cultural youth exchange programs, conferences, awards and seminars.
  2. You will be given reference letters and experience certificates for professional and academic purposes.
  3. You will represent Milky Way on National and International Media in your country and abroad.
  4. You will be able to form a global youth network through Milky Way Global Ambassadors and members.
  5. You will thrive in an intellectually sound environment of talented youth activists and expert professionals in diverse fields.

Roles and Responsibilities of a University Ambassador?

  1. Represent Milky Way Youth Movement in their university, Campus or Institute.
  2. Update Milky Way with the admission process, scholarships and other opportunities available in their university, Campus or Institute.
  3. Conduct motivational and carrier counseling lectures in schools and colleges in their respective villages and cities.
  4. Launch advocacy campaigns regarding Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their university.
  5. Celebrate and spread awareness about international days like Global Youth and Peace Day.
  6. Work in close co-ordination with Milky Way Ambassadors, Members and Youth Leader in their country.

So, if you want to become a youth leader and serve tomorrow’s youth then join our global youth led movement with global goals, global vision and global development agenda for a sustainable social change.

About us

Milky Way is a registered Foundation under Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860 with registration number CSR-57/2016 and stands for the development of youth and the growth of society with their collective efforts since 2010. We aim to promote education by supporting the financially challenged children and youth in the society because we believe in education that strengthens social institutions, as a way forward. We are running Milky Way Academy; a primary school, a network of 6 Community Libraries. We have so far supported over 200 students in continuing their education till undergraduate and currently supporting 20 girls in prestigious medical, engineering and social science universities in Pakistan, Tajikistan and Bangladesh.

We consider skill development of our young generation as the most important step to move forward and surpass barriers therefore, Milky Way School of Leadership organizes leadership sessions and workshops at schools, colleges and universities to prepare them in facing the challenges ahead. We truly believe in the reality of globalization and cherish the globe as one small village, our project Milky Way Youth Movement connects the youth of around 65 countries at one junction and together we exchange ideas, supplement, admire and inspired by each other’s efforts in shaping a better tomorrow for our communities.

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Who we are looking for?

We are looking for

  1. Socially active, academically and intellectually sound undergraduate, graduate and post graduate university students who are currently enrolled in a recognized University in their country or abroad and have at least one year to graduate.
  2. University students who are adding value to other’s lives in their communities.
  3. University students who stand for humanity regardless of any prejudice in any aspect.
  4. University students who are willing to guide fellow youth globally regarding opportunities at their university in particular and regarding their country in general.


Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

Cost/funding for participants:

Please Note: No Milky Way member or ambassador will be given financial resources and no fund raising campaign can be run from the platform of Milky Way in any country without the approval of Headquarters in very rare cases.

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