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It is once again time to nominate innovation ideas, projects, and individuals from around the world for the One World Award (OWA). This prestigious international award will be presented for the sixth time by organic food producer Rapunzel and global non-profit IFOAM – Organics International.


From the nominees, five laureates will be selected to receive this “Encourager Award” at a celebratory gala hosted by Rapunzel in September 2020 in Legau/Allgäu, Germany. Endowed at a sum of 45,000 Euros, the OWA honors individuals who steer globalization in a positive and humane direction. Winning projects will incorporate ecological, economic, and social elements.

The OWA committee will select 5 finalists from the international pool of applicants in autumn 2019.

Globalization seems to have made the world a smaller place; at the same time, there is a growing demand for space and the fear of losing vital resources is increasing. Many people perceive globalization as a global, more or less openly conducted competition at all levels of society. There is, how-ever, also a different way. Globalization can also have positive effects. Global communication networks, worldwide trade and transport routes empower many people to participate in global knowledge and prosperity. The central question therefore is, HOW globalization is implemented ...

The international ONE WORLD WARD (OWA) honors people and their projects that make the world a better place; dedicated people who give positive and innovative examples of globalization - people who make the future worth living.


The objective of the award is based on the three pillars of sustainability: ECOLOGY, ECONOMY and SOCIAL ASPECTS. The ONE WORLD AWARD recognizes people who demonstrate that globalization can indeed be more than the maximization of profits at the cost of the majority of the people around the world. 

The Objectives of the international ONE WORLD AWARD are: 

  • To promote a globalisation that is not oriented on profit maximisation, but on the three pillars of sustainability: ecology, social aspects, economical welfare 
  • To recognize outstanding engagement and achievements in providing creative and highly effective solutions in the areas of environment protection and fair livelihoods 
  • To encourage more involvement for a loveable, liveable future and for peaceful community building 

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:


The ONE WORLD AWARD criteria provide potential nominees a guideline for assessing if they might qualify for the award. Self-nominations are not accepted. The jury will base their decisions on the evaluation of the various criteria. 

The nominees should be persons engaged in the areas of organic agriculture, food processing and/or trade. The OWA thus recognizes and awards outstanding achievements of individuals who are working in the social context of a community, cooperative, association, company etc. 

The foundation of the selection criteria are the outlined objectives. The award recognizes and promotes outstanding achievements within the context of the three areas of sustainability. Special attention in the selection process will be given to real innovation, role models and role potential that could be up-scaled and “globalized”. 

The selection criteria are loosely defined on purpose in order to allow for a wide and diverse range of nominations to be eligible. The following examples show different areas in which a candidacy is possible. 



  • Conservation of nature and biodiversity 
  • Improving the practice of organic farming and/or food processing 
  • Contributions to stop climate change (energy conservation or use of renewable energy) 
  • Waste reduction and waste management 
  • Fighting the spread of genetically modified organisms (GMO) 


  • Innovative business models and practice 
  • Fair trade 
  • Creating new jobs / fighting poverty 


  • Community involvement and benefits 
  • Health 
  • Education 
  • Housing 
  • Strengthening women / gender balance 
  • Peaceful living (interreligious, interracial, etc


Deadline: September 30, 2019

Cost/funding for participants:

Nominations meeting the outlined basic requirements will be screened by a panel made up by jury member Joseph Wilhelm, the jury chairman Bernward Geier and the organizing team. From the nominee pool, the panel will select the five finalists who are already considered winners. Each of the five selected persons will receive an award certificate and a 2.500 Euro cash prize.

The jury chairman will personally visit the five finalists and their projects. A report will be compiled for the jury providing the best and most reliable information for the final selection. The five finalists and cash prize winners will be chosen by the end of February. The visits to the finalists will be arranged during the months of April/May.

Based on the reports and documentation from visiting the finalists, the OWA jury makes the final decision about the One World Award Gold Laureate. The report will help the jury to make an informed and wise choice. In order to avoid any potential conflict of interest the jury chairman will not cast a final vote.

The jury meeting is scheduled for mid May. The OWA Laureate will be acknowledged with a beautiful statue (“Lady OWA”) and a 25.000 Euro cash prize. The prize money is intended to be used for work in progress or related new activities and is not meant to be spent for personal use.

The ONE WORLD Lifetime Achievement AWARD will be chosen by the OWA patron IFOAM and the jury. The OWA winners and finalists are invited to the award ceremony that will take place in September in Germany.

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