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Wiesbaden, Hessen


Raise capital. Conquer markets. The most individual start-up investor and mentorship program. Get access to an exclusive network of experts and investors.


Pando (from Latin pandere "spread out") is a clone colony of the American aspen (tree species) in the Fishlake National Forest in Utah, USA, which is considered the oldest and heaviest known living creature on earth. The American aspen tree forms colonies, whose underground roots are connected to form a single organism. While individual tree trunks die off, new ones are added so the colony continues to exist as a whole.
On this metaphorical basis we have built up our network of exceptional founders, established companies and experienced investors. We support each other in order to achieve long-term growth.

PANDO. Ventures is an early stage start-up investor and mentorship program. We invest in a handful of precisely selected founders a year, help them to gain market traction and expose them to first-class investors in Germany.

How we work

Over the last few years we have found a way to offer significant added value to start-ups in their early stages, independent of time and space constraints. Welcome to the first decentralized accelerator program for your startup.

  1. Application Stage
    Send us your pitch deck, tell us something about your founding team and why you need our strategic support.
  2. Selection Stage
    After reviewing your documents we get in touch with you as soon as possible. We select, met up and evaluate how we can leverage your individual business potential. No liability is incurred.
  3. Development Stage
    If, after the initial discussions, we feel that we have a strong mutual added value, we start our venture development phase. We collectively work with our whole team on your pitch, establish contact with first investors and develop a solid strategy.
  4. Funding Stage
    As strategic sparring partners we get a minority share of your start-up. We always act as a partner on eye level and bring the right people and resources to the table. We find a suitable Investor (Business Angel, Institutional or others) to fund your business and support you strategically in the long term.

Opportunity is About


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate

Start-ups that we are looking for are

    • Software
    • Mobile Apps
    • Platforms
    • Marketplaces
    • Pre Seed / Seed Stage
    • Initial Market Traction
    • Working Prototype
    • Existing business model
    • We focus on digital first business models leveraged by global mega trends, growing markets and network effects.
    • You solve a real customer problem with a sustainable and exponential orientated business and company culture.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants

We actively support you in

    Through our experiences and portfolio network we give you strategic access to exclusive smart money investors and industry experts.
    We help to accelerate your market traction, gaining the right product feedback and achieving the most relevant KPIs for investors.
    Together we create a strong brand for your start-up. We set up values and guidelines that will characterize your company. All perfectly shaped to your customer needs.HIRING THE 
    This one of the most critical success points. Hiring the right people can be challenging. We give you access to a huge talent pool and define the right HR architecture for your startup.CREATING 
    We think exponential, not linear. With contacts in the German SME sector and our broad network of passionated entrepreneurs, we leverage our resources for your individual success. SETTING UP 
    We know both sides of the pond. Each party has its individual position. We help to communicate and set-up of the deal by providing our expertise and opinion. 
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