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PeaceGeeks is a global non-profit, volunteer organization that uses technology to build the technological, communications and management capacities of grassroots organizations who work to promote peace, accountability and human rights. We develop partnerships with these organizations to provide meaningful support designed to increase their skills, effectiveness and impact. Our volunteers are passionate about contributing their time and talent to the promotion of peace, accountability and human rights.


What Can I Expect?

By joining PeaceGeeks, you are becoming part of an exciting and innovative community of skilled professionals and global citizens. We are passionate about volunteering our time and talent to helping peacebuilders and human rights defenders to affect change at home on the issue that matter most in their communities. We work hard on our projects, learn from our successes and failures, and work constantly to ensure that we are advancing our goal of empowering grassroots leaders.

The Application Process

Thank you for your interest in PeaceGeeks! To apply to volunteer, please complete our two-step process: 

  • Step 1: Complete registration form
  • Step 2: Submit attachments

If your skills match a current opportunity, our Talent Team will connect with you for an interview. Otherwise, we will keep your resume on file in case a suitable opportunity arises at a later date. 

Volunteers are expected to commit approximately 7 to 10 hours a week, depending on the project.

While certain roles require some amount of onsite collaboration, the majority of your work as a volunteer will be done remotely. 


PeaceGeeks is a nonprofit organization that builds digital tools to empower communities in the pursuit of peace.

Technology has rendered individuals more powerful than ever. More than at any time in our lives before, digital tools like social media, bots, hacking and online misinformation are reshaping our world in ways that are unpredictable, unsettling and destabilizing. But technology also creates the potential for connection and good, when harnessed to expand civic response to global and emerging challenges.

PeaceGeeks collaborates with communities to put technology tools and digital literacy in the hands of citizens, peacebuilders, human rights defenders and humanitarian responders. We've led projects that build safer and more stable societies, respond to humanitarian crises, connect displaced and conflict-affected communities, amplify discourse for peace, and share critical knowledge. At PeaceGeeks, we operate on the principle of inspiring local action to solve local problems, with a vision to make peace a lived reality for everyone.

Founded in 2011, PeaceGeeks has grown from a grassroots volunteer group into a nonprofit leader in building technology for peace. In 2017, we became a Impact Challenge winner in Canada. We're currently based in Vancouver, Canada and Amman, Jordan.

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Anything really. Event planners, software developers, graphic designers, public relations experts, admin staff, project managers, international development experts and students to name a few.


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