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The annual product marketing awards celebrate the role of product marketing and honour the people and organizations who are transforming their business through their innovative leadership and drive for excellence in product marketing. Product Marketing Awards aims to celebrate product marketing excellence every single day. Once a year though, the Awards recognize the brightest stars in the Product Marketing industry.


Crikey! Is it that time again already? Well, well, well, doesn't time fly when you're having fun walking the PMM walk and talking the PMA talk every day?

That's right, the Product Marketing Awards are back again for 2021, bringing you the 3rd edition of our annual celebration of industry excellence. Last year we waxed lyrical about our updated categories and this year, we've only gone and done it again with three brand new awards to join our top tier categories. ????

So roll up, roll up because it's time to get your nominations in (whether it's yourself or colleague!)


So, whether you want to nominate yourself or put a colleague or your company forward, here are the awards up for grabs:

  • Product Marketing Leader of the Year: Being a great PMM leader takes courage, commitment and dedication to the core missions and values of product marketing. It also takes someone special to find that sweet spot when it comes to team management and supporting their PMM function. We're looking for outstanding leaders who not only show an intense commitment to their teams and targets, but also to their customers too. Sound like you or someone you know? It's your time to shine, baby!
  • Product Marketing Team of the Year: Is your team consistently knocking it out the park? Let us know about it. Unwavering commitment, super relationships, and demonstrable results are what we’re on the look out for in this category so if you’re in a team of superstar product marketers (or know one) with the results to prove it, nominate 'em now.
  • Product Marketing Rising Star of the Year: If you or someone you know is new to the industry and already putting your/their stamp on the PMM role, you/they could be on track to be PMA’s Rising Star of 2021. We’re looking for product marketers who’re crushing their goals, bursting with passion, and  having a positive impact on their product, team, and company. Know of one? Tell us about them.
  • Product Marketing Newcomer of the Year: Are you a new kid on the block, joining the product marketing party with an attitude and an appetite for the raising the bar every day? Whether it’s you, a teammate, or someone you know, shout it from the rooftops, and make yourself heard cause we wanna know all about it.
  • Most Creative Messaging of the Year: If anything is going to turn our heads here at PMA, it's a glowing example of innovation and ingenuity. This year, we've added a new award category to throw the limelight on the most creative examples of messaging out there over the past 12 months. Think this one's got your name on it? Know a fellow PMM who deserves to steal the win? Let us know.
  • Positioning Maestro of the Year: Whether it’s nailing a USP, consistently leaving competitors in the shadows, or succinctly defining core product benefits, a Positioning Maestro is a master of their craft. Getting positioning right is no mean feat so if you or somebody you know is doing wonderful work out there, shine the spotlight on 'em so we can celebrate their excellence.
  • Above & Beyond: It's true what they say, not all heros wear capes. Some of them wear the (metaphorical and entirely invisible) badge of product marketing honor. That's the kind of industry rockstar that'll bag the Above & Beyond award. Someone who's not afraid to pick up extra hours to get a project over the line, meet that launch date, take that customer call, or mentor a newcomer. That person who's willing to roll up their sleeves and do all they can to get the job done, come rain or shine.
  • Product Launch of the Year: Here at PMA, we love having our heads turned by a product launch that really packs a punch. We know the kind of time and effort that goes into nailing a product launch and we want to give a big slap on the back (and a PMA award) to those with particular product launch prowess. From audience research strategies to social media outreach, we want to know everything about how you (or someone you know) wowed the customer crowds with a new product.
  • PMA Congeniality of the Year (Best not-for-profit campaign): Madonna was right when she said we're living in a material world but sometimes, just sometimes, it's not all about the money. Over the past 12 months, we've heard about some awesome not-for-profit product marketing campaigns being launched, and the gold-hearted PMMs behind them. We're all about giving back and supporting others here at PMA so we want to help champion those doing the same.
  • Top PMM Company to Work For: We've got a lot of love (and kudos) to give to PMM companies going the extra mile to be one of those businesses people strive to work for. Perhaps it's awesome perks, a close-knit culture, professional development, and letting employees share their ideas and have their voices heard. If you work for a company that sounds just like that, let us know because they deserve a good showering of PMA affection.
  • PMA MVP of the Year: Over the past 12 months, the PMA community has expanded at a rate of knots and we couldn't be more proud of the PMMs we've welcomed into the fold. We're bigger and better than ever - even if we are tooting our own horn - but one thing's for certain: we couldn't do it without your support. We're grateful to each and every member of the PMA community but for our MVP of the Year award, we're looking to say an extra special thank you to those going the extra mile to support our mission. Think you deserve the crown? Throw modesty out the window and let us know why.

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Judging criteria

Here's what we’re looking for in our winners:

  • Superstars who are changing the game in product marketing;
  • Solid bottom-line business impact that can be demonstrated - be it revenue, deals closed, lead-gen, stronger processes or setting otherteams up for success;
  • Anecdotal support from at least one other member of your/the nominee’s company; plus
  • Anything else you think helps you/your nominee stand out in the crowd.


Deadline: August 09, 2021

Cost/funding for participants:

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