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  • Czech Republic
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The world is not full of problems for us to solve, but of opportunities for us to mold our future. ReDefine Next100 challenges delegates to think outside the box, and look at our world through the lens of opportunity. By addressing global challenges with such groundbreaking innovation, ReDefiners are shaping the way we will interact and exist in the future, today.


ReDefine Next 100 challenges young leaders to think outside the box, and look at the world through the lens of opportunity, promoting the use of technology and innovation to address global challenges.

In 2019, from over 600 applications and more than 50 countries, GARI invited 13 ReDefiners to Prague to create innovative and unique proposals across wildly different domains. One team proposed a way to change the International Remittance System, another team provided a new way to manage energy flows, while the third proposed the creation of a database to help revamp the agriculture industry.

We had delegates from the US, Uganda, Iran, El Salvador and Mexico as well as Russia and Germany. This is an unparalleled opportunity for young leaders committed to making a real impact on society through technology and innovation.

Our call was shared by UNESCO, United Nations Network of Young Peacebuilders, World Wide Web Foundation, Harvard University and many others. 13 delegates were chosen and put into international teams, tasked with identifying the issue they perceive to be the paramount global challenge of the future.

Each team combines member’s unique ideas across multiple fields in an effort to create an innovative proposal meant to address their selected challenge. 

Finalists came to Prague for a five-day-long workshop, where they refined their proposals with the guidance of high-level mentors, culminating in their attendance at the Next 100 Symposium where they resented their final project.

Two teams are currently pursuing their ReDefining project in the N100 Alumni framework.

Next 100 2021

The​ReDefine​Next100​ program brings together selected young leaders from diverse fields including (butnotlimitedto)​ humanities, socialsciences, engineering, medicine, computing science, art and the natural sciences​.

Top young leaders identify the issue they perceive to be the​ paramount global challenge in the future​ .

GARI will put the selected candidates into diverse international teams, that incorporate innovative ideas from various respective fields and propose a way to address a global challenge.

Teams will be invited to Prague for a five-day-long workshop in September 2021, where they will refine their work with the guidance of high-level mentors.

At the end of the ReDefine September program, GARI will choose the best teams/projects, with the most innovative and applicable idea and invite them back for the November programme as well as to present at ​The Next 100 Symposium​.

ReDefine Next100 challenges young leaders to think outside the box, and look at the world through the lens of opportunity, promoting the use of technology and innovation to address global challenges

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:


Applicants must be:

  • Applicants must be between 18 and 35 at the time of the program (September - November 2021)

  • Students of higher education (Bachelor, Masters, PhD) or individuals who have left their formal education no later than 5 years prior to applying.

  • Applications are open to young adults from all around the world, without restriction of nationality, however, they must have access to a good internet connection to attend the mentoring sessions and work collaboratively on the teams.

  • Applications must be submitted in English. The candidate must have mandatory intermediate, or preferably high level of English, and be able to speak clearly and comprehensively in English.

  • Applicants must be able to travel to and participate in ReDefine Next 100 2021 in Prague (Czech Republic) from September 6 - 12 and November 14 - 21.​

Evaluation criteria

We will evaluate your application based on 5 criteria:

  1. Your passion, experience and potential in innovation & technology and how it can be applied in your chosen field/topic of engagement/project.

  2. A passion for innovative, cross-disciplinary critical thinking

  3. Your knowledge of your chosen topic and the relevance of your active engagement. We encourage candidates to show how their activities have had an impact or to articulate the potential impact of their proposed project.

  4. Your role as a representative of an organisation, other youth or community, and your leadership experience or potential.

  5. The originality of the idea and depth of suggested solution to challenge.


We’re looking for cross-disciplinarity, innovative/new approaches, and out-of-the-box thinking.

We’re looking for ideas that bring together both the fields of technology (data science, innovation, digitalisation, AI, etc.) and the fields of the social sciences (economy, politics, society, environment, natural sciences, etc.)

Submitting a video is not mandatory, if you don’t want to, it won't disqualify your application, however, we recommend you do, as it most certainly will help it.

Be original. We are looking for unicorns.


Deadline: April 30, 2021

Program Starts: September 06, 2021

Program Ends: November 21, 2021

Cost/funding for participants:


  • Fully-funded scholarship to attend the Seminar Week in Prague as well as The Next 100 Symposium for winning teams

  • Mentoring by high-level professionals

  • Professional workshop building your presentation skills

  • Participants will have access to Future Port Prague with a possibility to present their project on their Launch Pad

  • Winning teams will have the option to present at the Next 100 Symposium in Prague in November where they will be able to network and share their ideas 

  • One team will win the Next 100 Redefiner Award and the opportunity to pitch their idea to the Next 100 Symposium's partners and delegates.

This Fellowship is fully funded and includes:

  • 1 day access to Future Port Prague with a possibility to present your project on their Launch Pad

  • Hotel accomodation on a shared basis for the Prague Seminar Week, as well as The Next 100 Symposium if part of the winning team

  • The cost of travel to and from Prague (economy) for the Prague Seminar Week, as well as The Next 100 Symposium if part of the winning team

  • Lunch during the Seminar Week

  • Discretionary per diems for the Seminar Week while in Prague

The fellowship does not fund visas, however we are able to connect you with your local embassy and aid in the process.

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