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Water as a substance has not only been a source of food, energy, but an inevitable part. As the most evolved species, we have manoeuvred resources like water and used it to full potential. We create an ideal scenario in nature with water as an essential feature, overlooking its monotony in our daily lives.


Water in its most mundane use such as hygiene, washing, or cooking, is unacknowledged. It is still unacceptable in certain spaces as we have tried to steer it for optimum usage.

Water in excess quantities in the form of rain or floods is condemned, it is a form of life and destruction, a contradiction in itself. Water that was available for all is now being claimed, making physical, international and political boundaries. It has resulted in a considerable increase in water consumption leading to the Global Water Crisis. The global water crisis is the lack of fresh water resources to meet water demand and is the largest global risks in terms of potential impact over the next decade. An immediate impact of Global water crisis was the onset of water conflicts among nations, states, communities. Are wars the kind of solution we are looking at, and will they resolve the impending crisis of water around the corner?


Water and its importance is well known, still, we have been disconnected from it in urban realms. Water is omnipresent and yet visually hidden while it flows through a dense network below the surface. Lack of interaction with water in such circumstances has to lead us to have no perception at all. 

Is this due to an anomaly in our perspective or unawareness?

Water is a crucial element to our existence, yet this disengagement is ironic. 

How can we establish the role of water as a vital element in supporting human existence? How can we trigger a sense of value that is almost disregarded in our daily lives? How can we find new ways to connect with water in our public spaces while acknowledging its limited supply?

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  1. Minimum eligible age for participation is 18 years.
  2. There is no restriction to the degree or design disciplines to participate in the challenge.
  3. Participation in the competition can happen in a team as well as an individual.
  4. There is no restriction to the number of members who can participate in a team.
  5. The challenge is open worldwide for anyone to participate.


Deadline: October 06, 2019

Cost/funding for participants:


The registration fee will increase based on the number of registrations received at the time of your registration. Based on the number of registrations the prize pool will also increase. 

A total of 500 entries will be accepted in the competition till the last deadline of registration. If the competition reaches a total registered entries of 500, then the registration will be closed at a total prize pool of 15,000 USD.

The sooner you register, the less you will pay as fees. More number of teams you will compete with, the higher amount of prize you will be entitled to receive. 



  • 5000 USD Cash Reward
  • Open for students & professionals

Runner - Up

  • 3 x 1500 USD Cash Reward
  • 2 x Students and 1 x Professional

People's Choice

  • 4 x 500 USD Cash Reward
  • 2 x Students and 2 x Professionals

Honorable Mention

  • 14 x 250 USD Cash Reward
  • 7 x Students and 7 x Professionals
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