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  • Egypt


SEKEM is a multicultural company, where people from different nationalities, different cultural and religious backgrounds meet and exchange expertise and knowledge. SEKEM highly respects its employees and aims to establish a long-term relationship with them through treating the people fairly and satisfying their needs. SEKEMs community provides secure workplaces and career advancement opportunities.


International Internships

You are most welcome to make an internship or, if you are coming from abroad, to stay and work with us for a while at SEKEM or one of its subsidiaries. Please note that we can only accept interns who are staying for at least one full year.


Vision & Mission

SEKEM Initiative was founded with the vision of sustainable development and giving back to the community. It aims to develop the individual, society and environment through a holistic approach which integrates ecology, economy, societal and cultural life. Today, the vision that brought Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish to dig the first well in the vast desert land still resounds in all of SEKEMs activities.  Like a compass, our vision, mission and values guide us in the everyday work in all SEKEM institutions.


In 1977, Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish started the SEKEM Initiative on an untouched part of the Egyptian desert (70 hectares) 60 km northeast of Cairo. Using Biodynamic agricultural methods, desert land was revitalized and a striving agricultural business developed. Over the years, SEKEM became the umbrella of a multifaceted agro-industrial group of companies and NGOs, including different educational institutions and a Medical Center. Today, SEKEM is regarded as a leading social business worldwide.

Organizational Structure

The Companies within SEKEM are part of the SEKEM Holding, which was established in 2000. Each Company within SEKEM Holding has its own Management Board. Selected Managers of the Companies and the Holding Management take part in the Management Meeting, which is held on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. The Holding Company is led by a Board of Directors, which is in charge of major strategic and financial decisions in regards to the SEKEM Holding.

Sustainability & Sustainability Reports

SEKEM was founded with the idea of sustainable development and the aim to build a prosperous future for the surrounding communities and Egypt. Through a holistic approach that includes the four dimensions of economy, ecology, cultural and societal life, SEKEM strives to truly implement sustainability. This holistic concept guides SEKEM and all its institutions like a compass in the everyday work. Supported by the SEKEM Sustainability Flower, the Initiative yearly monitors its performance in the SEKEM Sustainability Report.

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Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

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