SERP+ Joint European Master in Surface, Electro, Radiation and Photo-chemistry

February 14, 2022

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Location (s):

  • France
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Portugal
Paris, Genoa, Porto, Poznan


The SERP+ master aims at training students in the most performing experimental and theoretical tools used and developed in chemistry, and to become the topmost researchers and managers in areas of great relevance. The SERP+ master was created after years of successful training of students in the SERP-Chem master in order to answer the new societal challenges.


The International SERP-Chem master is a two-year programme in Surface, Electro, Radiation, and Photo-Chemistry with elements of Management, Business, Innovation and Valorisation, Communication and Patent law. It was created in 2008 and obtained the excellence Erasmus Mundus label in 2010. It welcomed about 140 students coming from more than 40 different countries.

General Description

The SERP+ Master is taught in English and aims at training experts in the most advanced experimental and theoretical tools developed in chemistry, physical-chemistry and materials science, making them ready to develop innovative ideas and enterprises related to sustainable developments in Energy, Health and Environment.

The international study programme includes courses, tutorials, and lab trainings in cutting-edge areas related to renewable energies, green chemistry, radiation effects, nanomaterials for the industry and nanomedicine. A strong partnership with SMEs, academic institutions and research and innovation centres in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, allow the students to strengthen their professional skills and build their network.

The students must complete their training with a 6-month internship in the academic sector or in the industry. An intensive summer school also fosters the students' entrepreneurial skills including economy management, communication, patent law, and technology transfer so they can face the job market.

At the end of the Master, the students are awarded a multiple or a joint diploma according to the mobility track they followed.

  • Master in Chemistry from Paris-Saclay University
  • Master in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Genoa
  • Master in Chemistry from the University of Porto
  • Master in Chemistry from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

Admission criteria

Applicants should have or should be in process to get a Bachelor degree at the time of the application.

Eligible topics: Chemistry, Physical-Chemistry, Materials Science and Related topics.
Non eligible topics: Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mathematics, Food, Biology, Pharmacy, Mechanical Engineering.

Please note that applicants already holding a master degree can be accepted in the second year of the master at Paris-Saclay University. PhD students and PhD holders are not eligible.

The academic year within the SERP+ master starts at the very beginning of September. In order to be able to join us in September, you should at least graduate at the end of the academic year (e.g. June, July or August). The proof of the Bachelor degree (diploma or certificate) will be required for enrolment at the university.

Applicants with a degree from an institution where the language of instruction is not English is required to provide an official English score report (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge certificates). Awards and external references and other criteria will also be taken into account.

Applications submitted before the deadline for the Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus will automatically be considered for this scholarship. Applications received after this deadline will be evaluated for other potential scholarships or self-financed students.

Please note that applicants already holding a master degree can be accepted in the second year of the master at Paris-Sud University.

The criteria and respective weights are the following:

  • 50%: academic (and professional when relevant) workloads (including appropriateness of the curriculum, grades),
  • 20%: motivation and professional project,
  • 15%: recommendation letter,
  • 10%: English proficiency,
  • 5%: involvement in associations, networks or any other extra-curricular activities showing personal leadership and dynamic abilities.


Deadline: February 14, 2022

Cost/funding for participants:

Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus scholarships will be awarded to both European and non-European students. The number of scholarships offered will be defined on a yearly basis.

Programme country scholarships are awarded to:

  • students who are nationals of any EU member state,
  • students who are nationals from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia, Turkey, and Macedonia,
  • students who have resided or carried out their main activities (studies, work, etc.) in any of the above mentioned countries for more than 12 months over the past five years.

Partner country scholarships are awarded to students who do not fulfill the Programme country criteria mentioned above.

Scholarships amount:

Scholarship payment will be stopped in the following cases:

  • Partner country students carrying out part of their studies in a Partner country for more than 3 months
  • Programme country students carrying out part of their studies in their country of residence

Please note that no bank transfer will be made until the student arrives at the first host university. The students will be helped to set up a new bank account in France. Partner country students will receive the contributions to travel and installation after their arrival.

Note that the number of applications is limited to three Erasmus Mundus masters. Students who do not respect this rule will be excluded from the selection for an Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus scholarship.

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