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  • Italy


SMACH is an international call for artists. The fourth edition of SMACH puts the the word ‘Heimat’ as it’s main focus, this is not a simple word. It is well known that the word proves untranslatable in many languages, English and Italian included. The language barrier reduces its meaning to concepts such as “motherland” are banal, if not completely misleading.


We are looking for artwork to be used on various locations, sites and buildings.

Deadline for submitting the proposals is March 17th and the 2019 Project dates are December 2018 - September 2019. The event is organized and coordinated by: the Cultural Association SMACH, with the support of several cultural organizations that take care of the promotion of the area, culture and ladin language.

Project’s content:

SMACH, constellation of art, culture and history in the Dolomites. The artwork, installations and artistic interventions will be realized by individual artists or groups of artists. The artworks will be exhibited in places of historical and cultural interest in the municipalities of San Martin de Tor and Mareo. This project aims are to deepen peoples interest for art, as well as bringing awareness to the region. The artistic interventions will aim to grow people’s interest for the art, not only as a form of autonomous language, but also as a promotion for the territory. The artists should create a deep understanding of the history, the tradition, the architecture, the nature of the proposed sites and reflect this in their works. SMACH prides itself in being one with “art and nature”, where the latter acts as a place for artistic action, designed and conceived specifically for the various sites; despite the intertwining, integration of the work of art in nature, a contrast is always created between human intervention and the natural evolution implicit in the environment.

The theme of this edition is “Heimat”:

The fourth edition of SMACH puts the word Heimat in central focus: this is not a simple word. It is well known that the word proves untranslatable in many languages, English and Italian included. Attempts to reduce its meaning to concepts such as “motherland” are banal, are not completely misleading. Heimat is indicative of a form of identity much stronger than a single word can transmit. It does not just refer to a place, but rather a set of shared and spontaneous values which have all to do with life from infancy and mention of which triggers a positive sensation in us when we think of our origins, think of our identity, or, on the contrary, the sense of solitude and impotency we feel when the loss of such tie is hinted at.

The places and sites where the artworks will be exhibited can be reached by walking along the paths. The areas are located between 1,100 and 2,300 meters above sea level:

Strada de la Vena
Ciastel de Tor
Val dl’Ert
Forcela de Furcia
Chi Jus
Pra de Pütia
Plan de Corones

Aim and purpose of the project:

The aim is to approach through works of contemporary art the theme “Heimat”. What interests the locals and visitors the most in the landscapes, in the unique wonders of nature, in the towns and villages and in the buildings of the municipalities of San Martin de Tor and Mareo area should be increased by the exhibition. All sites share common values in terms of nature, history and culture. The artists will have priority access to the contents, places and background. The projects will be places and set up at the various sites. The attractions will draw in visitors, who can enjoy discovering nature of the present and the past and everyday life in Val Badia – one of the best known and most visited valleys in the Dolomites. The purpose of SMACH will be achieved if the exhibited works ignite the curiosity of people for the project as a whole. Artists and visitors unable to get to the ten locations will have the opportunity to gain access to the content and background through written and virtual accounts on our website www. Once the project has ended in September 2019, we are continuing to keep SMACH documented online.

Important instructions from the jury:

All the SMACH locations must be treated with the utmost respect. These locations are sensitive biologically, environmentally and agriculturally. The artworks and the artistic interventions, which could be harmful or damaging to natural surroundings will not be taken into consideration.


Through a QR Code, visitors will be given information on the content, background and in-depth analysis that inspired the artists and their works of art. Information will be available in Ladin, Italian, German and English. Tables will be produced providing relevant information, while a catalogue on the SMACH project will also be published.

Cultural activities:

In collaboration with a number of associations, institutions and private businesses – both local and supra-municipal – events will be held alongside the art projects. The ultimate aim of the project is to revive the kind of niche culture that is typical of smaller communities as supposed to that of popular culture. The events will be intercultural and will extend beyond physical and language barriers.

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

The competition is open to all. Anyone wishing to take part can choose to submit at most 2 proposal also for more locations. The artists have no boundaries for the design and the size of the work. The artists must indicate the location where the work should be placed. Otherwise the members of the jury will choose the most suitable site.

For the installation of the works the organizers will give advices and information, but there is no active or financial help foreseen. Visual material should be attached to the submission e-mail (e.g.: drawings of the project, renderings or collages etc.). Only the artworks that have characteristics and conditions in order to be made and exhibited throughout the summer will be prized. If the organisation team notices activities that cause a relevant natural damage during the installation, the artist can be excluded.

  • 17th of march 2019: Last term to submit the works to SMACH in digital format (pdf format A4 or A3) by e-mail or via at (you will receive a return message (OK) to confirm that your work is enrolled to the competition.
  • 12th of april 2019: communication of the selected artworks through the website
  • 3rd to 9th of june 2019: Setup of the works on site (weather permitting)
  • 6th of july 2019: vernissage
  • 8th of september 2019: end of the exhibition
  • Until the 15th of september: desinstallation of the artworks

Since SMACH is an open air exhibition, the artworks cannot be guarded and therefore it is not possible to guarantee their condition. All the decisions taken by the jury of SMACH are final.


Deadline: March 17, 2019

Cost/funding for participants:

Prizes and expenses:

Ten sites will be selected by the jury: ten works for ten locations. The ten selected artworks and projects will receive a prize of euro 2,000.00 each (net after taxes and deductions, where applicable).

The artists themselves will have to take care of the materials, the transport and the positioning of their works. During the installation period, the organization will provide the artists with board and lodging (half board) for a maximum stay of 4 nights in San Martin de Tor. The artists will grant to the organizers the chance to purchase the exhibited works when the project SMACH ends in September. Once the project is over, the artists will have to remove from the locations the artworks at their own expense (until the 15th of september).



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