Safara, The Best Startup Job Ever - half a million dollar package to travel the globe



Location (s):

  • Worldwide


We’re on the hunt for someone to be the face of Safara. Someone with a massive sense of adventure, a big personality, and insane content skills. Someone who is ready to seek out the best places to stay, share the journey, and get paid superbly.


About Safara:

We’re the new membership club that helps frequent travelers stay in the best hotels and make the most of their trips. We give 100% of the commissions on every booking back to our members. So for every hotel booking you make, you earn huge points towards your next one. If you’re a regular business traveler, then you’ll basically be getting your vacations for free.

How to apply:

  1. Create a video that is 30-60 seconds that shows why you’re the person for the job. How you accomplish this is up to you, but here’s some juice to get you thinking:
    • Where are you in the world? Why should we want to visit? Where’s your dream trip? What is the best place you’ve ever visited and still can’t get out of your mind? If you’ve never traveled... how will your wide-eyed innocence make destinations come alive? Got a crazy travel story you’ve never told anyone – now might be the time. How would this job impact your life.
  2. Post the video to your Instagram feed (not stories – we don’t want to miss it)
    • a. In the caption write: I’m applying for the best startup job in the world with @safaratravels. If chosen I will go on a year of travel worth $500k, stay in the coolest hotels around the world, and document my journey. Here is why I’m excited about Safara and why I’m the best person for the job #beststartupjob #safaratravels #thelatecheckout
    • b. Tag @safaratravels in the video
    • c. If you think other platforms will better display your talents, feel free to additionally post to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  3. Email with the links to your videos and your resume. 

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

About You:

You’re a passionate or aspiring traveler with a superstar personality and the chops to be a masterful content creator. You’re as captivating in front of the camera as you are skilled behind it. You might be a photographer, videographer, digital creative, or a writer. Maybe you’re just next-level with an iPhone, Instagram filters, and killer captions.

Most importantly, you’re ready to say f*ck it to “normal life” and hit the skies for the most epic year of your life – helping our members learn the ways to travel well and the best places to stay.

We will be revealing more details about the job and the selection process in our Instagram stories, so be sure and follow us on the gram.

What we’re hoping to see:

Personality. A great personality is impossible to define, so we won’t try, but we know yours will have to jump off the screen.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants:


Annual Salary: $150,000

Estimated travel value: $350,000

Everything above :)

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