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Virtual learning experience


Spark Europe is a 2-month facilitated virtual learning experience for intermediate system change practitioners running from November - December 2021.


Growing System Change

We are living in a world of increasing complexity. As emerging change practitioners, it is important to continuously build our capacity to create a world with greater equity, justice, sustainability and wholeness. This requires new ways of being and doing together—ways that disrupt the status quo, engage our whole selves, and work effectively with sameness and difference.  It requires engaging tools that allow us to hold multiple points of view and engage complexity to catalyze change in people and systems who are stuck in old patterns and practices.


This course will help you to: 

  • Build your confidence and ability to introduce systems change in an inspiring way
  • Gain facilitation skills to support systems change, including:
  • Increase your self-awareness and capacity for perspective-taking
  • Workshop new approaches to the systems problems you are currently engaging 
  • Deepen and support the application of new systems change tools 
  • Set clear intentions to guide your leadership development

Course structure & format

This 2-month virtual learning experience will be delivered through:

  • Peer-learning with an international network of other facilitators of systemic learning
  • Facilitated online sessions for the full cohort and smaller groups via video call, with 20 hours of instruction time across five sessions
  • 1-to-1 coaching in practice, with feedback and support from an experienced facilitator to support your growth as a systems change practitioner
  • A tailored online learning environment and set of resources
  • Reading, exercises and reflection to be completed in your own time

About the School of System Change

The School has been initiated and nurtured by Forum for the Future, with the support of multiple partners.

We have the ambition to serve the emerging field of systems change, as a vehicle for connecting and amplifying spheres of learning and practice, and as a case study of an initiative grown explicitly as a system change endeavour. To do this we have used a methodological framework developed by Anna Birney, Director of the School and author of Cultivating System Change: A Practitioner’s Companion (2014). This framework suggests key capabilities for bringing about system change for a sustainable future can be divided into five core areas (read more here on our blog) which underpin our curriculum and our everyday practice.

We are a small team within Forum for the Future, headed up by Laura and Anna, working collaboratively with a growing community of people and organisations in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

Is this for me?

This course is suited to individuals who have:

  • an intermediate level of systems change practice, gathered through the School of System Change Basecamp or a similar program, or through extensive applied learning in facilitating change with a systems lens
  • some previous group facilitation experience, whether learning offers, workshops, or collaborative projects
  • an opportunity to apply the skills you are learning from this course in a practical setting or to facilitate an introductory systems change session in the near future (this could be purely informal, with colleagues etc. - the key is that it is with real people and putting into practice)


Deadline: As soon as possible

Program Starts: November 02, 2021

Program Ends: December 17, 2021

Cost/funding for participants:

Course fees

Individual: £950 GBP / €1100 EUR *

Organization: £1350 GBP / €1550 EUR **

*The Individual rate is available to incoming participants interested in furthering facilitation, inquiry and systems change practice, for their own development.

**The Organization rate is available to those furthering facilitation, inquiry and systems change practice on behalf of an organization.

VAT does not apply. As part of our efforts to broaden the reach of our programs to traditionally underrepresented groups in this space, we are offering a 30% discounted rate for those in need of financial assistance.

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