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Are you an idea person, a disrupter, a person who wants to change the world? Do you want to team up with others like you to launch something new and innovative? Are you inspired by the culture of Silicon Valley? Welcome to the Silicon Valley Innovation Academy! Summer Session is inviting passionate students to experience Silicon Valley in a way that only Stanford University can offer. The Silicon Valley Innovation Academy (SVIA) is an exclusive opportunity for 80 students to see, touch, taste, hear and feel the culture of Silicon Valley–a hands-on startup experience that takes you through the process from napkin to prototype.


SVIA gives you the opportunity to spend 7 weeks learning from expert coaches and mentors throughout Silicon Valley. Stanford Summer Session supports your journey with access to leaders of innovation and ideation through panels, site visits and coaching sessions. Top student teams will have the chance to present ideas to successful entrepreneurs at Stanford Sharks, an event modeled after the popular Shark Tank show.

SVIA is both educational and a competition. The program will include the idea pitch, development through workshops, and eventual presentation to a panel of successful entrepreneurs. Program facilitators will guide you through each step of the program offering advice and mentorship along the way. Teams will engage in scheduled events (as outlined below) as well as work independently on their project.

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Description of Ideal Candidate:

Students must be admitted to Stanford Summer Session and enroll in courses to be eligible to participate in SVIA. Also, it is important to realize the time commitment involved. Successful SVIA participants will expect to spend about 40 hours of hands-on time with the program in addition to individual project work. This experience will take up much of your free time and in order to get the most of the program you should be ready for a level of commitment that demonstrates passion, desire and competitive drive. 

There are several roles a student can play in SVIA that require a variety of skill sets. A student may bring skills to more than one area on a team.

Entrepreneur - This student has a great idea or part of an idea that they want help developing and executing. She/he is willing to pitch the idea to the larger group to recruit a team.

Project Manager - A strong leader (with or without their own idea) who can manage project tasks, delegate, organize and manage team members in productive ways.

Depending on project needs, teams may also need students to support and lead in the following areas:

  • Technology;
  • Engineering;
  • Marketing;
  • Operations;
  • Finance.

All SVIA Applicants should have a passionate interest in active learning in one or more of the following areas:

  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Design Thinking,
  • Start-up Culture and Incubators,
  • Creative Problem Solving,
  • Innovative Teamwork,
  • Technology and Innovation.


Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

Cost/funding for participants:

The fee for participation in SVIA is $690 and will be charged to your University Bill prior to the start of classes. Should you decide not to participate, the fee is refundable through the first week of the program.

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