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We are currently looking for someone who can assist with the Visual Content Creation to promote Staiy across Social Media Channels, in particular Facebook, LinkedIN and Ello. You will be working together with the Social Media Manager to create Visuals which will flow seamlessly between all social media channels to promote the Staiy Edit, including our Online Magazine as well as new collection releases and new Projects. Tasks include: The creation of Visuals for our Social Media Channels Layout Design for articles on the Staiy Edit using Wordpress Templates Curation of Visual Brand Archive.


Staiy is the first sustainable fashion marketplace merging aesthetics, sustainability and AI-technology in one place. Spotlighting international brands that craft their pieces in a responsible way, Staiy gives sustainable fashion a contemporary platform that reflects the modern consumers. Low environmental impact, ethical production and high personalization allow to discover mindful fashion without compromising on style.

Staiy’s overarching mission is to accelerate the transition towards sustainable fashion, restoring timeless values by implementing the latest tools. Innovative technologies, materials, concepts and production practices meet in a contemporary platform that reflects the modern consumer.

To define a new perception of sustainable fashion, Staiy roots around core concepts which can be found in its name: style, sustainability, AI. With leading sustainable brands including Komodo, Rotholz and Phyne, Staiy is focused on curating the finest selection of sustainable brands and styles available online. For Staiy’s founders, sustainability is not a trend. Rather it is the ethical foundation underpinning the lifestyle of the future, which they want to spread through their platform. Water, Air, Materials, Work Conditions and Commitment are the sustainability pillars upon which Staiy evaluates each of its selected brands, taking a step beyond standard evaluations to assess the broader picture. Artificial Intelligence signifies digital progress, and is implemented by Staiy to smoothen the approach to sustainable fashion. The personalization algorithm of Staiy uses the universal language of images, scanning product pictures and detecting their style, to then match items with the individual style of the consumer.

The marketplace believes in the power of fashion as a means to make a statement. The platform stands to renew the importance of this dimension, connecting brands and clients through the rediscovery of sustainable craftsmanship, inspiring stories of innovation and respect - in a perfect balance of reciprocal value. " "Please note: This is an unpaid internship position. We aim at providing young professionals with a framework of knowledge learning and application. Given the nature of the position, we strongly believe in the optimal allocation of talents: that's why we provide interns with continuous support for a challenging, forming and educational environment.

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Knowledge in the Adobe Creative Suite Must have Photoshop Someone creative with no shortage of new ideas.


Deadline: As soon as possible

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  • Smart working
  • Flexible working hours
  • International Team
  • Learning experience
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