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  • France


Soft-Landing gives startup ecosystem builders the opportunity to dive in an intensive & immersive 3-5 day mission in another startup ecosystem, to explore it and meet with other key leaders, building bridges between them.



  • Choose your destination and apply on F6S
  • Get selected among a group of around 10 key ecosystem builders
  • Discover one startup ecosystem during a 3-5 day intensive mission
  • Participate in a feedback event in your local ecosystem to share lessons learned

THE PROGRAMME OVERVIEW: Immersive program in French digital Ecosystem

IMT STARTER welcomes you in one of the most dynamic clusters in Europe.

  • Visit major startup ecosystem hubs (accelerators, incubators, areas with large concentrations of startups), presentations about those hubs and the ecosystem.
  • Meet and interact with successful entrepreneurs, investors and government representatives.
  • Combined activities with European startups and major players in French ecosystem.


  • Major European business hub: the world 3rd highest concentration of Fortune 500 headquarters.
  • 15,000 foreign companies established in the Paris region representing 600,000 jobs.
  • Well-developed venture capital industry: €5.5B were invested in more than 1,000 companies.
  • European Leader in R&D: 18.58B invested yearly.
  • Relevant communities supporting start-ups include France Digitale and La French Tech (a legislative movement around tech entrepreneurship which started in France in 2013, engaging a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, technology geeks and policy makers).
  • Strong support to the start-up community by policy makers, understanding the priority to make France a “start-up nation”: 5000 tech-starts-ups, 100 business incubators.
  • 700,000 students in higher education.



Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:


  • Type: Mentor, Investor (associate/partner), Serial Entrepreneur, Startups or Tech Journalist/Opinion leader, Accelerator/Incubator Head and alike.
  • Geography: Representatives can be from any European Union country or H2020 Associated country. Participation in a Mission within the country where the ecosystem builder is based at is not allowed.
  • Motivation: Motivation to scale or to benefit from the destination ecosystem. Clearly indicate country of interest and why you want to go there.
  • Capacity of knowledge spreading & scaling up: Capacity and the promise to spread the know-how obtained during the mission. Capacity to realise the benefit of scaling to or understanding the ecosystem.
  • Number of applications to the Soft-Landing Open Calls: 1) Each applicant may participate only once (1 time) in a Mission within the EU under the Startup Europe grant. Multiple participations is a disqualification factor. In case an applicant participates in more than one open call within the EU, all associated applications will be automatically excluded from the evaluation process. 2) Soft-Landing Alumni (startup/ecosystem builder) are encouraged to apply to other Missions but will not be eligible for the Startup Europe grant.


Deadline: March 31, 2019

Program Starts: May 13, 2019

Program Ends: May 15, 2019

Cost/funding for participants:


  • Gain deep knowledge of other startup ecosystems
  • Learn the processes required to scale there
  • Find out about the available resources for startups
  • Build long-lasting relationships with local ecosystem leaders


Participation in the programme is free of charge thanks to Startup Europe. In addition, ecosystem builders joining the Soft-Landing Missions are entitled to have their travel and accommodation expenses reimbursed up to 400 EUR in the destinations within the EU, and up to 950 EUR in the destinations outside the EU. Participants need to follow the reimbursement procedures shared by the Soft-Landing team. 

Applicants that are not selected as the top candidates (under Startup Europe grant), but do fulfill the selection criteria, will be invited to participate in the EU missions for a discounted fee of 400 Euro (should cover their own travel and accommodation expenses).

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