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The Challenge is divided into three stages. All teams who get to Stage 3 of the Challenge will be invited to ArcelorMittal Orbit in London. There they will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a jury of steel, packaging and marketing experts.



Steel cans have been around for 200 years.

And steel for packaging is everywhere, especially food cans.

Be it fish, beans, pet food, infant formula, or coffee… steel accounts for nearly 20% of rigid packaging materials used for the main food product categories. 

Food products come in a high variety of packaging materials but with rising concerns about the environmental impact for some packaging materials (particularly plastics and cardboard) steel has an increasing role to play thanks to its remarkable sustainability credentials.

In addition, needs and habits of consumption are constantly evolving, and so is steel.

Your mission is to imagine the future of steel packaging for food. That means providing new and innovative solutions and designs for food packaging which have a very high percentage of steel. Your ideas need to be original, practical, functional AND feasible.

Why should you participate?

Joining the ArcelorMittal challenge gives you the opportunity to: 

  1. Leave your mark on history by inventing THE new steel packaging that will revolutionize your daily life

  2. Benefit from the guidance of Packaging R&D and Marketing experts from the world’s largest steel company

  3. Discover ArcelorMittal from within and see the various career opportunities proposed

  4. Win one of three prizes, including a trip to London 

Steel2Pack Timeline

  • Stage 1 - BrainstormingFrom 4 February to 3 April 2019 - Form a team of two or three people. Start thinking about the idea that you want to develop. Your idea must be submitted before 23:59, 3 April 2019. Our jury or ArcelorMittal R&D and Packaging teams will be able to vote for their preferred entry between 4 and 9 April 2019. They will assess the entries based on the relevance of the projects, its feasibility and originality, and the quality of the presentation. Up to 30 teams will go through to Stage 2. The selected teams will be announced on April 10th!  
  • Stage 2 - Expanding - From 10 April to 3 May 2019 - During the second stage, you team will have the chance to expand on your idea and inspire the jury. The three best teams will be selected to go through to the final of this challenge. You must submit your project before 23:59 on 3 May 2019. Voting will take place between 6 and 10 May. The three finalist will be announced on 15 May 2019! Expected deliverable : 15 slides presentation (in PDF format). You can prototype your project and include video, images, mockups...
  • Stage 3 - The Final June 2019 - It's pitching time! The final three teams will present their idea to the jury in Luxembourg. Your goal is to prove your concept for steel packaging meets the needs of consumers and the environment. You will have fifteen minutes to pitch and then face ten minutes of questioning by the jury. All three teams in the final will receive a prize. 

Sources of Inspiration - Packaging is primordial as a mean for content preservation and marketing support.  To help you with your design, you will find some of the main influences on food packaging design listed below. Pick and choose, match and mix, be creative! But one must not be at the cost of the other two.Don't forget, your proposal can rely totally on steel, or include a mix of materials. However, steel must be the dominant material.

  • Better fit for new lifestyles - Think of new designs which help steel packaging fit into modern lifestyles and new habits.
  • Improving consumer's experience - Your design should improve the consumer's experience of packaging. You can leverage existing functionality or create innovative new solutions using steel.
  • See moreMake it stand out - Redesign the look and feel of steel packaging to make it stand out on the shelf as a modern product.


About ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal is the world leader in steel and the main supplier to the major steel markets such as automotive, construction, household appliances, and packaging.

A promise that has been kept since the company was formed almost 13 years ago, an event which transformed the world’s steel landscape. It’s a promise we will keep in perpetuity.

Product innovation and differentiation are at the heart of ArcelorMittal's strategy. These principles are applied to new applications, the functionality of steel, the combination of steel and other materials, and new manufacturing technologies. Every year, ArcelorMittal launches around 50 new products on the market. In parallel, more than 100 others are under development. 
To innovate, the Group relies on its R&D teams. They are present on three continents and open to the outside world. They have forged a wide network of partnerships with the best universities and engineering schools.

For the packaging market, R&D works in close collaboration with ArcelorMittal’s operational units and our customers. We focus on developing new products, new steel solutions, and manufacturing processes. The R&D team also supports ArcelorMittal’s customers who implement these products and solutions in their businesses.

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

Participation in the Challenge, and as such, the awarding of Prizes, is limited to individuals meeting all of the following conditions:

  • being a current student registered at a higher education institution or a young graduate of a higher education institution who graduated within three (3) years of the current school year (2018-2019) and being able to prove this with a student card;
  • being a legal adult (and being able to prove this via identity documents) or, in the event that the person is a minor, providing permission from their parent or guardian via the parental permission form, duly completed and signed. 


Deadline: April 03, 2019

Cost/funding for participants:

What's in it for you?

  • 1st - Each student in the winning team will be offered a trip to London including a visit to the ArcelorMittal Orbit (valued at €1,000 per person).

  • 2nd - For each member of the team (valued at €750 per person)

  • 3rd - For each member of the team (valued at €500 per person) 

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