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  • Argentina
  • Germany
  • India
  • Korea, South
  • Taiwan
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
San Francisco, London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Hyderabad and Taipei


Preparing to succeed in an era of global uncertainty requires developing your intellect, building your character, and learning practical capabilities. Minerva is a global university program that, in just four years, has reinvented higher education to become one of the most selective institutions in the world. If you are unhappy with your current University, you are free to transfer to the Minerva University.


Your undergraduate education needs to be as multidimensional as you are. It should challenge you academically, expose you to a diversity of global cultures, and enable you to develop the broad knowledge and practical skills needed to solve the most complex issues of our time. Minerva is intentionally designed to develop your intellect across multiple disciplines, as well as critical life skills, professional capabilities, and key aspects of your personal character.

Combining the expertise of former Harvard University dean and renowned learning psychologist, Dr. Stephen M. Kosslyn, and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Ben Nelson, Minerva was designed to rectify the many flaws facing higher education, from unfair admissions practices and rising tuition, to outdated curriculum and ineffective learning techniques. The result is the first liberal arts institution for the 21st century student. 

The Minerva Experience:



  • Innovative learning – All classes are highly interactive, discussion-based seminars taught using proven instructional methodologies and innovative technology. Check out our class video below:



  • Practical experience – Not only will students develop the transferable skills needed to succeed in the modern world, they will have ample opportunities to apply class learnings in real-world contexts, by working on projects and engaging with top organizations in each city.  

  • Personalized, Lifelong Career Support – Minerva students receive personal coaching, access to publicists and other unprecedented support as students, and throughout their post graduate lives. After just one year at Minerva, students secured internships and research positions at organizations like Apple, Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, IDEO, CalTech, and UCSF.

  • Accessible – Tuition is $13,450/year – a fraction of the cost of other top tier universities. Minerva offers generous need-based financial aid to ensure all admitted students have the opportunity to attend, regardless of where they come from.

  • Transfer students are welcome to apply: Many Minerva students have made the decision to apply and enroll after attending — even graduating from — other undergraduate programs. The reasons, while varied, revolve around a feeling of deep dissatisfaction with these other institutions. You can transfer up to eight credit units* from your current university. More info on how on transfering to the Minerva University here.



Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

Admission to Minerva is not a matter of chance.

Regardless of where you come from, if you meet our rigorous standards — demonstrating the curiosity, drive, and potential to excel — you are guaranteed an invitation to attend. 

Our unique approach to admissions is designed to avoid bias, allowing for both worldwide student access and extremely high selectivity.

Your admission is based on merit alone and is determined by our own specific criteria, not standardized test scores or generic essay questions. We also have the unique advantage of unlimited enrollment, so you are not competing with other applicants for a spot. 

If you are deeply inquisitive, independently motivated, and globally-minded, you might be right for Minerva.

While your academic performance is an important factor, we also look for interests and achievements outside of class — indicators of your potential to improve the human condition and collaborate in solving the most complex problems of our time.

If you are unhappy with your current University, The Minerva University welcomes transfer students with possibility to accept passed subject from your previous University.


  • Broad interest in multiple subjects
  • Passion in at least one specific domain
  • Curiosity about the world and its people
  • Continuous drive to excel
  • Community oriented
  • Inventive, entrepreneurial spirit
  • Leadership potential
  • Collaborative ability


Deadline: March 15, 2019

Cost/funding for participants:

By keeping the cost of your education as low as possible, we help ensure you do not graduate saddled with debt.

At Minerva, your annual tuition is about a quarter of what you would pay at other top universities, while housing, services, and other fees are comparable with those at most every other public and private institution in the United States. Instead of costly campus amenities, you use the best of each city for studying, research, location-based learning, and social activities.



Our commitment to an affordable education means we only invest in the things that improve your learning experience.

Because we do not maintain major infrastructure, your annual tuition is about a quarter that of other top universities, while housing, services, and other fees are comparable with those at most every public and private institution in the country.

Admissions at Minerva is merit-based and need-blind. Your eligibility for financial aid is determined entirely by your demonstrated need. This independent financial aid application process allows us to evaluate all candidates equally, so if you meet our rigorous admissions standards, we will offer a package that will enable you to attend. 

Our first commitment is to provide an extraordinary education at an exceptionally low cost. Instead of investing in the extensive facilities and amenities found on most university campuses, we use the vast resources of major world cities as our educational, cultural, and social infrastructure. This allows us to keep costs low, while focusing on maintaining small classes, advanced learning technology, leading faculty, and an unparalleled student experience.

Our second promise is to evaluate each individual financial situation equally — giving you equal opportunity regardless of your nationality — then offer a financial aid package accordingly. We believe the responsibility for funding your education should be shared. We do not offer “full ride” scholarships because your financial involvement is a reflection of your commitment and understanding of the value of a Minerva education. You and your family are expected to contribute to the cost of attending, to an extent that is fair and sustainable.

Aid packages typically comprise a low-interest loan — not exceeding $20,000 across all four years — and work-study opportunities. This combination incentivizes ongoing family support and your focused participation, while reducing any lasting financial burden after you graduate.

Lastly, the Minerva Institute is dedicated to providing need-based scholarships to the most financially disadvantaged students. Based on generous philanthropic gifts, every dollar in the scholarship fund is directed to educating our students.

Minerva follows a need-blind admissions policy, so your financial aid application is reviewed in an entirely independent process. This means that applying for financial aid will not impact your admissions decision in any way. 

All international and U.S.-based students are eligible to apply, and applicants who are admitted and qualify for aid will receive a financial aid package commensurate with their demonstrated financial need. Applicants who have already obtained an undergraduate degree, or graduated from another university before enrolling at Minerva only qualify for student loans.

To be considered for financial aid, apply to Minerva and then follow the steps listed under “Financial Aid Requirements.”

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