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The Department of Urbanism of the TU Delft and the Chair of Spatial Planning and Strategy will promote the sixth edition of the Summer School Planning and Design with Water for Sustainability in July 2019. Applications start on January 1st 2019. The Summer School combines spatial planning, urban design and environmental technology to tackle issues of sustainability, climate adaptation and water management in urban environments.


 It invites students to understand the theories and practices that bring together water management, urban sustainability and spatial justice and to apply the knowledge acquired in the elaboration of a vision and a spatial plan and design for an area in the city of The Hague in The Netherlands.

The Summer School focuses on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and The New Urban Agenda, launched in Quito in 2016 as frameworks for sustainable urbanisation.

The aim of the Summer School is to explore the Dutch tradition of planning and design with water and the integration of water management and sustainability into urban development within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda.

The Summer School is led by the Delft University of Technology, in collaboration with national and international partners, including the City of The Hague, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Dutch Delta Programme, ARCADIS, Deltares and others private and public partners.

This school includes site visits, talks with professionals and academics and a short studio-based exercise, where students and teachers will explore possibilities through the elaboration of a spatial vision, the design of a spatial strategy and spatial interventions in the city of the Hague, located in one of the most important Urbanised Delta Regions of the world.

The Summer School takes place at Department of Urbanism the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the TU Delft. TU Delft is one of the world’s leading schools of architecture and urbanism . We are located in the city of Delft, in The Netherlands.

The Summer School contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goals 4, 11, 13. SDG 11 is about Making Cities Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable. We believe that by addressing SDG 11, we can tackle all other SDGs.

The next edition of the Summer School will take place between 15 and 26 JULY 2019.

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:


In order to participate you need to be enrolled in a higher education course* [However, we also accept students who have graduated recently. Please, explain your situation in your letter of motivation]. The school is intended for 3rd year or up Bachelor or Master students (this means, students who have had at least 3 years of higher education in a discipline related to the built environment/ urban development).

A planning, architectural or design background is indicated, but not necessary. The Summer School welcomes architects, urban planners, engineers, designers, geographers, historians, sociologists, engineers, environmental engineers, and students of other areas concerned with the built environment. However, you must be willing to understand URBANISM.

We are looking for enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, open minded progressive students from all over the world who can help bring back ideas to their communities.


There is only a limited number of places (80). Students will be chosen according to their background, a short motivation letter and a really short movie uploaded on the web. We cannot evaluate your portfolio or extensive CV.

Therefore, it is really important that you explain why you want to participate in this summer school and how it can help your PERSONAL, ACADEMIC and PROFESSIONAL development in the motivation letter. You can tell us what makes you  special by letting us know what are your passions, interests, hobbies and extra-curricular activities. Why are you different?  Do you have interesting hobbies? Are you an activist? Do you make your opinions known by writing and publishing or by any other means of expression? Maybe you have a BLOG? You need to make your point in 800 words and in 3 minutes of film.


The language of the Summer School is English, hence you need to be able to communicate well in that language. You need to mention what your level of proficiency in English is in the motivation letter. This is important, because the vocabulary we use at the Summer School is rather sophisticated, hence you will not enjoy it if you don’t speak English well.


Deadline: April 30, 2019

Program Starts: July 15, 2019

Program Ends: July 26, 2019

Cost/funding for participants:

The fee for the 2019 Summer School is 400 Euros. Payment instructions will be sent to students who have been selected to participate in the Summer School. 

There are a few scholarships available.

The Summer School offers six types of scholarships:

  1. SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA Summer School Scholarship
  5. PUERTO RICO Scholarship/ Special Fees
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