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Teach For All's global network of partner organizations spans 46 countries on six continents.


Around the world, Teach For All network partners are developing leadership in classrooms and communities to ensure all children can fulfill their potential.


Teach For All network partners believe that all children deserve to fulfill their potential—but millions of kids around the world simply do not have access to the education, support, and opportunity they need. In rich and poor countries alike, where children are born often determines the quality of their education, and, ultimately, their future opportunities.

Millions of children lack the education, support, and opportunity they need to thrive.

The obstacles they face—poverty, hunger, discrimination,  trauma, and school systems that do not provide them with the education they need—are overwhelming. And when millions of children aren’t learning, it affects us all—perpetuating poverty, dividing societies, and weakening economies.

All Children Deserve:

  • Services that support healthy development
  • Education systems designed to meet diverse needs
  • Advocates who challenge the injustices they face
  • The tools to navigate—and lead—the world they'll inherit

This reality impacts not only disadvantaged children, but entire communities, and even nations. Teach For All network partners are recruiting diverse leaders from a range of experiences and academic disciplines to commit two years to teach in high need classrooms and to work collectively with others to ensure all students can attain an excellent and equitable education.

  • Impact Lives - During your two-year teaching commitment, you will be able to impact the students you teach and the future options available to them. Building on the foundation of these two years, you will join Teach For All alumni across the globe who are working to expand opportunity for children, whether in education, policy, or other sectors. 
  • Develop Your Leadership - Providing students with an excellent education that prepares them for the future requires strong leadership. As a teacher, you will develop the conviction and skills to lead your students to greater achievement and expanded opportunities. Whether you continue teaching, continue your education with an internationally renowned network graduate school partner, or choose a different career pathway, your classroom experience will prepare you to be a leader for change in your country. 
  • Be Part of a Global Network - As a participant in a Teach For All partner program, you will be joining a global network of thousands of teachers and alumni who are rising to the challenge of expanding educational opportunity for all children in their countries and around the world. Just like you, these developing leaders are helping to transform classrooms, schools, and entire communities, while learning from each other and, in turn, increasing each other’s impact in the classroom and beyond.


Find the network partner in your country and apply to join our global effort to ensure all children can fulfill their potential.

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Fellows will receive a full-time teacher’s salary that is competitive with entry-level positions in other companies.

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