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At Teradyne, our employees are on the cutting edge of technology within the electronics test industry every day. If you want to be a part of innovative leaps and bounds and be inspired to change the face of technology, Teradyne is the place for you. We are always looking for skilled and talented candidates to join our company and if you think you can contribute to our growing list of accomplishments you are more than welcome to apply unsolicited. Please write which department you are applying to.


Please enter your information in the spaces provided in the form. As soon as you save your data it will be available on the company database and can be accessed by our HR team working with recruitment. 

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About us

From idea to final product – we test and automate it all

Teradyne tests and helps build the world’s most innovative products. Our leading-edge testers make sure that new products work right the first time, every time. And our portfolio of industrial automation solutions helps manufacturers to develop and deliver new products quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

It’s a good bet that every device you use has been touched, and enhanced, by Teradyne during its assembly or test.

We automate two of manufacturing’s most critical elements: repetitive manual tasks and electronic test.

  • Task Automation – industrial automation solutions, including collaborative robotics, automate tasks, deliver fast ROI and free people to reach their potential
  • Electronic Test – automated test equipment (ATE) speeds time-to-market for new electronics, in markets where reliability and performance are critical

Everything we create and invest in is oriented to helping organizations deliver their highest quality products and bring them to market quickly, with the most-profitable economics. Our team’s relentless curiosity fosters collaboration that solves problems to improve your competitiveness.

Our customers are companies of all sizes in diverse markets, and they depend on us to make certain their products perform as they were designed, every single time. Teradyne’s enduring commitment to advanced test and automation means that with our customers, we’re improving how the world lives, works and innovates.

Our Values

Teradyne is a company built on strong principles and personal responsibility. Our employees take ownership in upholding our values and maintaining the company’s well-regarded reputation.

  • A Company Without Doors
    We value open and candid discussions. Innovation is driven by collaboration and we empower our employees to use their voice and share their ideas.
  • Honesty and Integrity
    At Teradyne, we are transparent about our corporate strategy and how we conduct business. We believe that when information is available to everyone, the right decisions can be made.
  • Customers Count On Us
    We maintain a steadfast commitment to instilling confidence in our customers. We do what it takes to ensure success by anticipating needs, exceeding expectations and delivering superior solutions and support.

At Teradyne, our employees are challenged to innovate and learn something new every day. We are excited to change the face of technology by following our passions for new ideas and strategies. It’s an exciting business and we’re looking for talented people who share our passion and drive.

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  • Skilled and talented candidates


Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

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