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The URNCST [pronounced “earnest”] Researcher Abstract Competition is an international undergraduate research abstract competition. It is open to authors who completed their research outlined in their abstract during while enrolled in an undergraduate (i.e. BSc, BEng, BA, etc.) or professional-undergraduate (i.e. MD, DDS, PharmD, OD, RN, etc.) degree program. Furthermore, the research outlined in their abstract must have been conducting in an academic discipline falling within science or technology. Though this is not an exhaustive list, please be sure to read about the URNCST Journal’s scope prior to making a submission.


Why was the URNCST Researcher Abstract Competition Established?

As the leading publisher of undergraduate research conferences and case competitions the URNCST Journal team interacts with planning committees regularly. Through these interactions a couple themes were found to recur independently as follows:

  1. Undergraduate students are extremely keen to participate in research endeavours (i.e. conferences) that recognizes their valuable work and
  2. Undergraduate researchers face a number of barriers such as the costs of travelling and registering to attend a conference, and a lack of opportunities to receive rigorous peer-review, and
  3. Submissions to research journals, both undergraduate and profession, are often associated with a long turnaround time to receive even an initial decision, just to name a few. Despite this, many thousands of undergraduate researchers across the globe play crucial roles in making new discoveries every single year.

Therefore, the URNCST Researcher Abstract Competition was established to showcase the most valuable and impactful research undergraduates have to offer. The competition takes place entirely online as there is no physical venue, thereby completely eliminating the barrier of travel and registration costs. Instead, all submitted abstracts are carefully peer-reviewed by the URNCST Journal editorial team, and all accepted abstracts will be published as a single abstract book in the URNCST Journal on the date as specified above. Thus, authors have a pre-specified publication date to look forward to, provided that their abstract is accepted. Authors of abstracts accepted and published in this abstract book enjoy all the benefits as authors of abstracts published in any conference abstract book published by URNCST, including rigorous peer-review, open access, and archiving and indexing.

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Deadline: January 01, 2019

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