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The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

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North Chatham, MA


WE LOVE VOLUNTEERS! We strive to provide volunteers with hands on and meaningful service experiences that further conservation efforts.


“The wild places are where we began. When they end, so do we.” - David Brower

Conservation of white sharks is a key factor in the ocean legacy we leave to future generations. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC) was established to support white shark research and education programs to ensure that this important species thrives.

Our ocean’s ecosystem is all connected...from the tiniest zooplankton to the largest apex predator. White sharks are an asset to our marine environment. As apex predators they play a critical role in maintaining the health of our ocean’s ecosystem. As white shark and other shark species disappear, predator-prey balance becomes disrupted, compromising the health of the world's oceans and negatively impacting other marine species. 

As the majority of the oxygen humans breathe comes from the oceans, our own health becomes imperiled when our oceans are unhealthy. Their presence along the coast of Cape Cod indicates the restoration of a healthy ecosystem. Removal of a top-level predator can cause a ‘top down’ effect on organisms lower in the food webs. If this happens, the ocean ecology changes and all species will be impacted. 


We are raising awareness about white sharks as a keystone species of the ocean ecosystem. 

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC) supports scientific research, educates the community, and improves public safety. AWSC is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

  • RESEARCH - The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) white shark research, led by Dr. Greg Skomal, relies, in part, on outside funding to conduct research. AWSC is working directly with the MA DMF to support current and long term white shark research projects.
  • EDUCATION - Our goal is to connect a future generation to sharks through hands-on learning opportunities; inspiring the conservation of keystone species in our ocean’s ecosystem.
  • PUBLIC SAFETY - AWSC, the National Seashore, the Towns of Cape Cod and the Islands, and the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, have worked together to produce shark advisory signs, brochures, and a safety video that provide education and safety tips for beach users. 



Support scientific research, improve public safety, and educate the community, to inspire conservation of Atlantic white sharks.


Increase knowledge of Atlantic white sharks and change public perception to conserve the species and ensure biologically diverse marine ecosystems. 

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Do you have any skills or background knowledge that could help our organization? (ex. Educator, photographer, boat captain) If so, please describe them 

Please complete the registration form to be added to our volunteer database. When volunteer opportunities arise we send an email with information pertaining to each specific opportunity. 


Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

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Volunteers who help at our outreach events will receive a t shirt to where for the event. T shirts are unisex adult sized t shirts.

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