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The European Charlemagne Prize Fellowship is an endowed 1-year programme of the European Charlemagne Prize Academy, consisting of individual research, the fulfillment of personal milestones, networking events, as well as a final publication and the presentation of the prospective research results at a conference summit.


The application period for the current year starts in May and is followed by the selection procedure from July until August. The grants will be awarded on the basis of the relevance of the research question and the professionalism of the research proposal. A high-level selection committee, representing various perspectives and backgrounds will decide on five outstanding applicants, who will receive financial -, administrative - and academic support during the following months. All applicants will be informed about the selection outcome latest by the end of August.


The programme provides a grant of 25,000 € per research project, academic mentoring and networking opportunities. A unique aspect of the Fellowship is the connection with former Charlemagne Prize Laureates, who will take on a patronage for the prospective research projects. 

Before the start of the research year, the Fellows will agree on milestones that they want to achieve after each research quarter. These could be surveys, articles, policy papers or social outputs that are aimed at societal relevance and the successful implementation of the project. The final outcomes will be published in an annual publication and presented to the public at a concluding summit. 

The Fellows are free in their way of implementing the project. The research can be conducted individually or as part of a group. We would highly encourage applicants to look for a suitable host institution that could provide a work place and research facilities at the preferred location during the Fellowship. In addition, the Fellow can choose to implement their project with the help of a self-selected mentor or in cooperation with an institution or mentor from the Charlemagne Prize network. 


The Fellowship itself will start with a prospective conference in autumn, comprising first thematic discussions, networking events and the grant-award ceremony. During the research year, the Academy will organize various additional networking events with partner organisations. The research results should be handed in by August, in order to be published in the Academy's annual publication. The research year will end with the concluding summit after 12 months. 


The Charlemagne Prize Academy is a purely virtual academy and does not represent the place of residence during research.  

The topic-related tasks will be carried out independently by the candidates under academic supervision and support in their respective countries of residence or at the local offices of an institution of choice. The Fellows can therefore implement the research project next to their professional or academic positions. 

During the Fellowship, different additional opportunities for networking and exchange will be organised by the Charlemagne Prize Foundation and its partner organisations, creating the chance to present the individual research progress in front of a larger audience. With the completion of the research project, the Fellows and the Foundation will work on a joint publication to present their findings, data and comments on future developments in Europe. 

The concluding summit will present the possibility to discuss and implement individual findings and to create exchange between the Charlemagne Prize Fellows and decision makers on a European scale. Afterwards, the Fellows will become part of our Alumni-network and will get the chance to continue personal and professional connections. 

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

Who are we looking for?

Our main goal is to promote new ideas and approaches that are already discussing tomorrows challenges today. As a recently established Academy we want to support creative minds and independent workers, who are at the beginning of their academic or professional career and who would like to take the next step on their path.

We are looking for projects and research questions that go beyond current mainstream issues, that deal with interesting challenges, which could be of particular relevance in a few years' time, that deal with visions and new ideas, that analyse new developments and that are already working on solutions for future problems. 

Application Requirements:

  • postgraduate degree (preferably Master or equivalent)
  • younger than 35 years of age
  • professional English language skills (min. C1)
  • citizen of an EU member state or permanent residence in Europe
  • submission of an innovative Research Proposal, compatible with theannual focus
  • current and prospective relevance of the proposed research question
  • proposal of a host institution for the duration of the Fellowship


  • university graduates, Young Professionals or employees of ascientific, political, economic or cultural institution/organisation
  • individuals or groups that want to research on a specified topicwithin a period of 12 months
  • reliable personality with previous research experience
  • new thoughts and approaches that are directed at the future of Europe

Do I have to be a citizen of an EU member state in order to apply for the Fellowship?

The Fellowship is open to all Postgraduates with a citizenship of an EU member state, as well as to everyone with a permanent residence in Europe. This includes citizens from the EU27 and the UK, EFTA-states,  EU candidate countries and countries fully located on the European continent. 

For example:
You are eligable to apply,

  • if you have a German citizenship, living and conducting your research in Germany,
  • if you have a Spanish citizenship, living and conducting your research in the USA,
  • if you have a French citizenship, working at the University of Oxford in the UK,
  • if you have British citizenship, living and conducting your research in Norway.

You are not eligable to apply,

  • if you have a British citizenship, living and conducting your research in China. 


Deadline: July 04, 2021

Cost/funding for participants:

  • Duration: one year
  • Funding: 25.000 € per research project

Do I have to attend the Kick-Off Summit?

Yes. You will receive a special invitation for the Summit with your grant agreement. The Summit will provide you with the first opportunity to meet the other Fellows, to engage with European descision-makers and to discuss relevant topics and questions of your research project. The day will end with a festive fellowship award ceremony, in the presence of the Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia.

In view of the current pandemic situation, we will announce in due time in which format the Summit will take place (digital, hybrid or in presence). 

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