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Young people around the world are hungry to be prepared, challenged and engaged fully, collectively, and purposefully to improve the world around them. And we are answering that call with the Peace First Challenge. The Peace First Challenge is a global call-to-action to all young people to join a community of peacemakers dedicated to finding compassionate solutions to the world’s problems. Put Your Ideas Into Action. Join the Challenge. Access $250 Mini-Grants


When you accept the Peace First Challenge, you are invited to develop your own peacemaking project addressing an injustice you care about, and Peace First will support you by providing you with tools and skills, investing in your ideas and sharing your stories and impact with the world

Where are you in your Journey?

  1. Choose an Injustice
  2. Understand through Compassion
  3. Plan your Project
  4. Take Action
  5. Reflect on your Journey

Peace First Challenge

You don’t have to wait to change the world. The Challenge is a global call to action for young people to speak up for their values and make change.

Tell us about an issue in your community and your idea to solve it. We’ll help you make it happen! Including $250 mini-grants, digital tools, mentors and a caring community of peacemakers.

Will you join us?

About Peace First

We believe in your power to change the world – not someday in the future – right now.

Peace First is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young people around the world to become powerful peacemakers by:

  • Investing in your ideas
  • Providing you with tools and skills
  • Connecting you with other awesome young people around the world
  • Sharing your stories and impact with the world

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Description of Ideal Candidate

We are excited about the increasing number of international young people who are joining the Peace First platform, creating their peacemaking projects, and requesting mini-grants to support the implementation of their project! Peace First is pleased to provide mini-grants up to $250 USD to support young peacemakers from outside the U.S. and U.K. in taking action in their communities.

In order to secure your eligibility for the mini-grants, ensure a high level of accountability for Peace First, and make sure that money is going to help the implementation of the projects that run by the young people, you are invited to submit the following:

  1. Skype ID: we will be conducting a 20-30 minutes call with you after you’ve submitted the mini-grant request;
  2. A photocopy of your identification or passport;
  3. A reference letter from a non-governmental organization (NGO) or Community Based Organization (CBO) that you are working or volunteering with.  See sample reference letter with minimum details required.
  4. If you never worked or volunteered at an NGO or CBO, then provide us with a recommendation letter from a professor or a teacher. See sample recommendation letter with minimum details required.

We encourage you to submit the required documents as soon as possible so that the verification process will start. These documents can be submitted using this form. The process of verification will usually take two weeks, though times can vary. The sooner you provide the above-required information, the sooner the verification process will start. The verification process includes:

  1. Reviewing the project and providing feedback by Peace First staff;
  2. If needed, based on the Peace First criteria and the feedback provided, the team of young people will need to update the project
  3. Checking ID/Passport and the reference letter by Peace First staff. Peace First staff may contact the reference directly to verify the details provided
  4. Conducting the Skype call with the young people by Peace First staff;

Based on the above process, you will be notified by email of the final result.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants


When they submit the plan, they will indicate how much money they would like to request and what they can provide in terms of in-kind resources. For example, if you only need $100, you can request only the $100 that you need.

In addition to making positive and peaceful contributions to your community, there are lots of benefits to taking the Peace First Challenge! Here are a few:

  • Access to tools that take you step by step in creating a peacemaking project.
  • Online mentors and groups can provide feedback and answer questions.
  • Youth can share their stories and accomplishments through project pages.
  • Mini-grants break down financial barriers so youth can put their peacemaking projects into action.
  • Young people who want to continue their peacemaking projects may be eligible to attend a Youth Summit where they will get the support of nonprofit and industry leaders.
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