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This City Knows is a virtual memoir, creative lab and platform for writers, artists, photographers, travellers who all together share personal memories from their journeys to foreign countries or their hometowns. Together, we re-discover our urban realms through sharing impressions, thoughts, souvenirs, postcards and feelings. Therefore, This City Knows is a collection, nostalgia, re-collection, subversion, re-writing of the public spaces, re-positioning, seen from the human eye & felt from the human heart.


You can post about your personal memories that you have collected from your livelihood in a specific city – your hometown, your college town, a place where you have done Erasmus exchange, where you have gone for a vacation, backpacked – you name it!

We are interested in the personal stories, and the perspectives on history and culture that the individual mind is able to bring up. We are interested to go deeper and see how we, the humans, are emotionally connected and affected with a specific urban realm. To hear individual stories about particular public spaces as these are where we commonly share our happiness, sadness, nostalgia and all other emotions towards our culture, nation, history and collective memory.

As much as we feature original content and prepare special editions [Virtual memoirs] that have regular hot topics of the month that tackle a specific city [San Francisco, Dublin, London…], or deluxe editions that in a synchronicity display and cover specific topic [Yugoslavia, Soviet Union…], you are also welcome to make your own submission by using the “My City” web-tool. You can share personal memories, recollections, souvenirs, impressions of something that has left a deep mark inside you, something you are nostalgic about, about an important moment and event in your city that has affected you personally or culturally. You name your own topic and choose under which category you share [Nostalgia, Lost in the City, Photography, Street Art, Virtual Memoir].

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Our initiative is opened to all creative & talented minds. Along with us, you can share, prepare, edit and contribute to our virtual memoirs. As an open innovation platform, we are eager to collaborate with you and feature you as an author of original articles and photography, or engage you and recognize you as This City Knows Featured Artist, Writer or Narrator!


Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

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Your submission is free.

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