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Our brand is driven by curiosity, creativity, innovation and a singular desire to make what’s next. And a lot of those things come from students. Students who are hungry to show off what they have learned, but humble enough to know they have a lot of learning left to do. And with our internships, entry-level positions and more, we give them the ultimate first shot. Are you looking to join us? Then get ready to do a lot more than good work. Here, you’ll drive your future, and make an impact while you do it.



With a brand like ours, you should expect an internship that’s unique. And that’s exactly what we offer. Our paid internships accept students in the fields of design, arts and sciences, engineering and technology, and business.

For about 12 weeks, students hit the ground running, do real world work and experience a city like no other.

Upon arrival, students go through the same training as our corporate employees. Which means they spend about three days getting to know Under Armour inside and out – from products to the business to distribution. Throughout the rest of their time, students are given a hands-on, self-driven project that makes a business impact. They’ll work one-on-one with a mentor, and have access to learning seminars like Q&A sessions with our executives. And with our focus on cross-functionality and global mindset, interns get to see how their work goes way beyond themselves.

The cherry on top of the internship experience is the city itself. Our internships pull students from around the U.S. and the world to the heart of Baltimore. This vibrant, exciting city has a lot to offer. And through meet-ups, events, and more, students get to explore it all. There are a few internship opportunities in our other offices in Austin, TX; New York, NY, Portland, OR, Nashville, TN, and San Francisco, CA. No matter where you intern with Under Armour, you’ll get to experience a city with a pulse all its own.

With our focus on real work, real results, and learning, our interns get an invaluable chance to build their careers. And since we hire from our intern pool, a lot of them get to keep building their careers with us.


Our flagship Summer League internship program runs from mid-May to late August and offers students the chance to jumpstart building their careers. With access to mentorship, executive speakers, give-back programs, and the city of Baltimore itself, this is a chance of a lifetime. But remember, to make it here you have to be curious. You have to be ready to go above and beyond. And live up to the idea of "I Will."


We are here for the underdogs. And that includes those working while they learn. Our stores around the U.S. have part-time opportunities that can fit into your schedule. Plus, with our 50% off employee discount, you get the gear that can keep you motivated.


At Under Armour, we know the best ideas come from those who ask questions. Who want to learn. Who are ready to step up and be part of a team that expects the best. And that means people just starting out. If you want to get your start with us, search our jobs in a field that matches your skills. And we’re always looking for people ready and excited to step up.

Note: We recruit for entry-level positions when current students are 1-2 months from their preferred start dates.

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With different experiences come different strengths. At Under Armour, we believe that to build a strong team we need teammates from every walk of life.

Everyone that we hire has one thing in common: they have a spirit that never gives up. They are excited to go beyond the average. And they are ready to learn new things to create the unexpected. If you have this drive, then no matter your experience level or background, you’ll find a place here at Under Armour.


You're ready to step up. To be curious. To leap into the unknown. To say "I Will." What's next?

Fill out our application carefully and make sure your resume shows your good side. (Think there are a few positions that could be a good fit for you? Create a profile on our site. It will make applying to different positions easier.)

Next you get ready. Each office, store location, team and position has a contact and hiring process that's a little different. Some positions will have interviews, while others need design tests. It might take a little follow-up. But no matter what, keep your eyes open for an email from us.

And be ready. Because we don't hire just anyone.


Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

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