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Hey, we're Uni-Life, a young & dynamic startup located in the heart of The Netherlands. The past years we've been growing fast, and we're always on the look for talented and ambitious people to come join our team! Allow us to quickly tell you what we do. At Uni-Life, we’ve built a platform that aims to help keep students engaged and active with all of the extracurriculars at their university. We provide students an overview of all events (e.g. sports, workshops, parties, games, career development), communities (e.g. the local chefs, football enthusiasts) and student meetups (individuals who would like to set up small initiatives). Our mission is to help every single student experience the best possible student life. Not just so they have more fun, but also so that they're ready for the next step.


A day in the life of an SDR at Uni-Life

You wake up and grab your morning coffee. You start your day either at home or in our new, cool office that's opening soon.

You first check if any urgent emails have come in the previous night. Today there doesn't seem to be any, but you still go through your inbox and see which emails you need to reply to. After working through those you open up Hubspot. Today, you'll be reaching out to 10 new clients per mail and have a first call planned with two potentially interested universities.

The first call goes well, woohoo! You record all your call notes in Hubspot, create a list of next steps and send them all the relevant information. The second call goes a little less well, but that's no problem! You start thinking of creative ways how we can still convince them to move on to the next step.

You reach out to the 10 new universities per mail before lunch. With the research that's been provided, you make sure that all prospects get a personal email that shows you have a good understanding of who they are and what they're looking for.

The clock hits 12:00, and that can only mean one thing; it's lunch time!

After Lunch, you send a few follow-ups, check new leads that have been researched and come up with some new ways that you want to try and engage prospects. At the same time your LinkedIn is notifying you that you have a new connection or message. You briefly tend to that. There's a cool online conference going on that you signed up for a while ago, so you take a little work break and listen to some inspirational experts talking about a relevant topic. It's important to never stop learning, so you jot down a few ideas that you'd like to discuss at the next team meeting.

To round off the day you have a quick internal check-in with your colleagues. Before you head off you finish the remaining HubSpot tasks to make sure you are on track for tomorrow. Today was a good day and you're happy with the progress you made!

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Job requirements

Here's what we require:

  • You speak fluent English
  • You speak a fluent second language (preferably German)
  • You're interested in sales and want to learn more

Here's some extra things that score bonus points: 

  • You enjoy desktop research
  • You've had some prior sales experience
  • You have good presentation skills and don't mind working on your pitch a lot
  • You're social and enjoy meeting new people
  • You are detail oriented & focused
  • You're a quick learning and flexible worker
  • You want to work in a startup

A little hesitant if all of these match you? No worries, these are only to provide guidance.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants:

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