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With nearly two decades of sub-orbital launch experience and technology development, Vector needs your help to take the next step.


Summer Internship Program

All internship openings are posted in the VECTOR’s Career Page. We encourage interested students to create profiles and upload their cover letters and resumes as soon as the intern job openings are listed.


  • June to September: Create a profile and upload a cover letter and resume on the VECTOR Career Page.
  • September to October: VECTOR conducts interviews and makes offers
  • February: VECTOR Staffing works closely with interns to coordinate required preparations prior to their arrival
  • May: VECTOR’s Summer Intern Program begins; interns report to their designated site locations for their 10-week internship
  • August: 10-week internships are completed and the summer intern program comes to an end

What kinds of things would I do as an intern?

At the beginning of the internships, managers meet with their interns to provide business goals and objectives that support their respective organizations. In Engineering, interns have opportunities to support design, production, assembly, test and launch operation activities in support of current and future missions. Examples include new design activities and various types of analysis including:

  • Trajectory and vehicle performance
  • Control dynamics
  • Modeling and software simulation
  • Propulsion
  • Thermal analysis
  • Quality assurance and system safety

Business interns may work in areas throughout VECTOR, including:

  • Subcontract Management and Procurement
  • Auditing
  • Communications
  • Business operations
  • Information technology

What are the typical working hours?

Most VECTOR employees have a Monday to Friday, 7 to 5 work schedule. Interns are paid hourly wages for actual time worked. All overtime hours must be directed and preapproved by the intern’s manager. Some sites may have a different work schedule, which will be communicated to the intern during the offer process.

Our Philosophy

Vector was founded on the belief that we will improve our world by democratizing space access and making the power and inspiration offered by space technology available to all. Space technology extends the human spirit beyond our Earthly bonds and expands our intellect and innovations into the cosmos where unique observations are possible and unimagined value can be created.

Space access was once the sole domain of nation states. Now, technology is making space more accessible to everyday entrepreneurs and innovators. Innovation in space occurs when people have the freedom to imagine and to do. Vector strongly believes in the power of the individual and seeks people who share our passion for innovating, building and flying.

We are looking for other thought leaders in their fields of expertise who also believe in our vision and can work beside us to make this dream a reality.



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What majors does VECTOR consider for internship positions?

For engineering internship positions, VECTOR considers students who are working towards a B.S./M.S., primarily in aerospace, electrical and mechanical engineering as well as computer science. Additionally, VECTOR offers other internships to those with technical engineering and science degrees-such as industrial, physics, mathematics, materials, welding and chemistry-depending on the current needs of the company.

On the business side, VECTOR offers internships in areas such as Business Operations, Supply Chain, Communications, and Information Technology depending on the business needs. Check our Careers Center in June for the full list of summer intern opportunities.

What are the minimum requirements for acceptance into the Summer Intern Program?

To be considered for a VECTOR internship, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a U.S. Person (generally defined as a U.S. citizen or resident who has a permanent legal right to work in the United States); VECTOR does not offer Student F-1 or Work H-1B visa sponsorships
  • Have completed at least his/her sophomore year in college and plan to return to school in the fall after completing their internship
  • There is no minimum GPA requirement; however, we have a preferred cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.


Deadline: September 30, 2019

Cost/funding for participants:

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