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The aim for registering the organisation was to carry out development activities towards the holistic development of the marginalised and deprived section of the society. The aim was to reach out to the person standing last in the line. The organisation dreams of a day when food, clothing and shelter is provided to all living in India. Education reaches to those children who are seen on the streets begging for alms and a morsel of food. Homes are provided to the elderly ailing and making arrangements for shelters on the pavements. Medical aid is provided to people residing in the remotest corner of the country. Till the time we are able to live in a just society the hard work shall not stop.


Lend a Helping Hand –Become A Basic Foundation Volunteer

Broaden your horizons and gain valuable experience as you lend a hand to Basic Foundation  to achieve its aim of responsible citizenship through social development and education .By becoming a volunteer with BASIC FOUNDATION you will be given the opportunity to provide "holistic" education towards nurturing empowered, responsible citizens, capable of not only providing for themselves, but also of contributing actively to their local communities through enterprise, awareness and self-induced social responsibility .  Our recent volunteers have contributed to Education Programmes, Outreach Programmes for Responsible Citizenship, Community Development Programmes, Infrastructure Development Programmes, Counseling and Support Programmes, Legal and Financial Aid Programmes, Rehabilitation and Re-unification Programmes, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.

Why Volunteer for Basic Foundation?

Gain valuable experience! Being a volunteer for BASIC is a great way to get hands-on experience towards the development of Marginalised segments of our society: Those immersed in poverty; those exploited; those not exposed to progressive education programmes; that suffering the effects of war, natural disasters and crime…the list reads on… Volunteer work can help build your resume with skills valued by employers and academic institutions.

Contribute to Education!   BASIC has embarked on initiatives in urban and rural India that are small but ever so important steps towards the development of marginalised segments of our society. Our projects address the root causes of the problems societies face, and our singular objective is to empower people through our various programmes, so that they may be able to contribute constructively to their own lives, their families, their communities and society at large. This empowerment is manifest in economic independence and reliability, relevant education beyond mass based literacy, emotional balance, environmental consciousness, progressive thought…all equipping those involved with the necessary "tools" to be responsible citizens.

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