Wijhat, by Culture Resource - supporting Arab artists and creativity (round 3 - 2024)

Deadline: September 17, 2024


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Arab artists and cultural actors face major challenges when it comes to traveling within the Arab region or abroad for professional purposes. Foremost among them are insufficient funding to cover travel expenses, difficulties in obtaining visas and lack of opportunities to network with organizations that could potentially become partners in the creative processes in this region.


Such problems hamper the artists’ prospects for career development and the acquisition of wider audiences for their creative output. They also narrow the scope for collaboration and exchanges of ideas and expertise with their peers in the region, for the exposure of artists’ works internationally, and for cultural and professional exchange opportunities with peers outside the Arab region.

Wijhat (Destinations) was developed to address these concerns. The program provides grants of up to €7,000 to artists and cultural actors from the Arab region to support their travels within the Arab region or to any destination abroad. It thereby contributes to acquainting others with the artistic and cultural production from this region while enabling the grantees to present their works to new audiences and to engage in diverse cultural exchange experiences.

Wijhat offers 25 to 30 grants a year in three rounds. The funding covers ticket costs, visa costs, accommodation, internal transportation, and partial coverage of living expenses. Culture Resource estimates the amount allocated for the partial support for living expenses which should be regarded as travel support rather and should not be presumed to cover living expenses in full during the travel period.

Culture Resource can also provide a recommendation letter to the relevant embassy in order to support a grantee’s visa application, if necessary. This would be arranged after the grant contract is signed.

The program does not stipulate a specific duration for a travel or stay abroad, but it only covers the above-mentioned expenses for the period of the activity or event stated in the application.

The Program Schedule

Applications are accepted throughout the year, but there are specific times for evaluating the applications and announcing the grantees. The program is divided into three rounds:

Round 1 – February

  • The deadline for submissions is 16 January
  • The grantees are announced on 28 February

Round 2 – June

  • The deadline for submissions is 15 May
  • The grantees are announced on 30 June

Round 3 – October

  • The deadline for submissions is 17 September
  • The grantees are announced on 31 October

Opportunity is About


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate

Who is it for?

  • Individuals or groups
  • Artists of all artistic disciplines (performing arts, visual arts, literature, music, etc.)
  • Cultural actors (working independently or members/staff of cultural initiatives/organizations)

For what purpose? 

To participate in:

  • Artistic and cultural fairs
  • Artistic residencies
  • Forums, conferences, seminars
  • Workshops that promote creative and artistic production
  • Training and capacity-building workshops

From where to where?

  • From a country in the Arab region to another country in the Arab region
  • From a country outside the Arab region to a country in the Arab region
  • From a country in the Arab region to a country outside this region


Deadline: September 17, 2024

Cost/funding for participants

Up to €7,000 to cover: 

  • Travel tickets
  • Visa costs
  • Accommodation
  • Partial coverage of living expenses
  • Internal transportation
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