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Global Zero is the international movement for the elimination of all nuclear weapons. Its members understand that the only way to eliminate the nuclear threat – including proliferation, nuclear terrorism and humanitarian catastrophe – is to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, secure all nuclear materials and eliminate all nuclear weapons: global zero. The movement combines cutting-edge policy development and direct dialogue with governments with public outreach, including media, online and grassroots initiatives to make the elimination of nuclear weapons an urgent global imperative.


We don’t believe security can be built on constant threats of mass destruction. We reject the narrative that insists we accept the enormous risks these weapons pose to our communities and our planet. We refuse to be complicit in the undemocratic, unjust and terrifyingly absolute power to kill hundreds of millions of people at the push of a button. And we will not stand idly by while governments pursue dangerous plans that make nuclear conflict all but inevitable.

Global Zero is the only international organization on the planet that’s working actively to dramatically shift policy and cultural attitudes within nuclear-armed states. Change of this scale takes all kinds of people: policy analysts, social media mavens, graphic designers, spreadsheet junkies, administrative gurus, fundraisers — and then some. If you’re an entrepreneurial, creative thinker who’s looking to make a global impact, send us your resume and letter of interest to

We’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive movement for a world without nuclear weapons – and recognize that’s impossible without first building a diverse and inclusive organization. We welcome applications from all, and especially encourage women, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees and LGBTQ people to apply. We can’t wait to hear from you!



About us

Since its launch in Paris in December 2008, Global Zero has grown to include 300 world leaders and half a million citizens worldwide; hosted four Global Zero Summits and numerous regional conferences; built an international student movement with more than 175 campus chapters in 29 countries; produced an acclaimed documentary, Countdown to Zero, with the team behind An Inconvenient Truth; launched cutting-edge international campaigns in key countries; and produced compelling, high-production videos to reach millions of people worldwide with an empowering call to action.

We have also released bold, prominently covered policy reports from four “blue-ribbon” Global Zero commissions, including: (1) the Global Zero Action Plan[1] for the phased and verified elimination of nuclear weapons by 2030; (2) the World Spending on Nuclear Weapons Report,[2] a groundbreaking analysis of the $1 trillion per decade cost of nuclear weapons globally; (3) the NATO-Russia Commission Report, outlining the process for the removal of all U.S. and Russian tactical nuclear weapons from the European continent; and (4) the U.S. Nuclear Policy Commission Report, calling for the United States and Russia to reduce their nuclear arsenals 80% to 900 total weapons each and pave the way for the first-in-history multilateral nuclear arms negotiations.

Senior political leaders around the world have endorsed Global Zero, with President Barack Obama declaring, “Global Zero will always have a partner in me and my administration.” Leading newspapers – including The New York Times, The Economist and the Financial Times – have backed Global Zero’s plan, the Financial Times concluding that, “Global Zero’s plan has shown the direction to be travelled; the world’s leaders must now start moving.”

Global Zero’s role as a global catalyst for bold leadership toward the elimination of all nuclear weapons has never been more important. That is what the entire international Global Zero movement is working for – the leaders and experts, artists and cultural icons, as well as grassroots activists and student leaders who represent the world’s first post-Cold War generation. It is imperative that we bring all of our assets to bear and exert the international support and pressure necessary to bring a world without nuclear weapons within reach.

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