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World Space Week is an excellent opportunity for organizations across the world to come together and help collectively inspire and stimulate interests in space, space sciences and education. Your organization can participate in the celebration of World Space Week each October 4-10. By doing so, you will leverage the public and media attention surrounding the largest annual public space event on Earth.


World Space Week is an international celebration of science and technology, and their contribution to the betterment of the human condition. The United Nations General Assembly declared in 1999 that World Space Week will be held each year from October 4-10.

Why run an event?

An annual event, World Space Week is an excellent opportunity for local organisations in your country to come-together and help collectively inspire and stimulate interests in space, STEM sciences and education.

Your organisation could leverage World Space Week to:

  • Reach out to prospective members
  • Provide community outreach and education
  • Engage with your local community
  • Help raise the profile of space-related organisations and activities across your country
  • Have fun, and get your members engaged

Using these activities every year can help raise your organisation’s profile. Participating is easier than you may think.

Here is how to celebrate World Space Week:

1. Mark your Calendar

  • From 4 to 10 of October EVERY YEAR!

2. Choose an Activity

  • You determine what you want to do.
  • Any activity related to space will do, from a short classroom drawing activity for a handful of toddlers to a stadium-size all-week lecture program.
  • Programs can be for any audience, such as the public, employees, government leaders, the media, teachers, or students (see our materials for schools).
  • These programs can be existing or new.
  • We recommend you contact your National Coordinator for ideas, or use the event ideas pages on our website.

3. Plan Your Activity/Event

  • Schedule space-related activities for the 4-10 October timeframe.
  • Use the World Space Week name and logo into your publicity materials.
  • You may want to coordinate with other events organizers in your area and your national coordinator. You can download posters and logos directly from our website, free for you to use.
  • To help develop a strong ‘Festival Brand’, we are encouraging all organisations to co-brand events with “World Space Week”.
  • This helps people become aware of the festival, and will help build a brand for future years. It also allows your event attendees to become aware of other events being organised in your area.
  • This is a win-win scenario, as people attending other events will similarly hear about yours.

4. Spread the Word – register your event!

  • To make it an official World Space Week event it is important to add your event to our global calendar. After adding it to our daatabase you should let people know about your event!
  • If you want people to know about your cool activities, please start by telling your local media about your event plans.
  • We encourage you to send a press release to your local newspaper or TV/radio station, and announce it on social media, using the World Space Week hashtag (e.g. #WSW2014 or #WSW2015).
  • If you have a website for your event, please add a link to the World Space Week page and make sure to use our logo. Include this website address in our event database, so we can help you promote through our website and social media channels.
  • Every year we produce a space art poster around our theme. You can order a copy of this poster from your National Coordinator and display it at the event site before the event. You can also download the poster file and use it to create your own event poster.  We encourage you to announce your event to your local media.
  • You can write a short press release (basically an email with the text you would like to appear in a newspaper or on radio/TV). Please send a copy of your press release to your national coordinator. If you appear on radio or TV you may ask for a link where people can listen to or watch a replay. We will help you spread your appearance world wide via social media!

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WSWA Policies

Event quality criteria:

  1. Begins and/or ends in first half of October (timeframe Sept 29 to Oct 15 can be accepted)
  2. Space related
  3. No duplicates
  4. All activity in one facility (such as at one school, or at one conference) is in one event, not many

A nation may apply for WSWA approval of celebration of WSW on different days if there is a broad, nationwide issue. Example was when Ramadan fell during WSW. Board of Directors approval of such applications is required.

Events which are out of criteria will be deleted from calendar.

Report your event

After World Space Week, please return to the calendar to report results, including attendance and media coverage. 


Deadline: As soon as possible

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