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At Your Big Year, we envision a world where young people can reach their full capacity and apply their unique capabilities to solving the world’s most pressing challenges. Our long-term goal is to provide equitable opportunities as we believe anyone can make an impact - big or small.


The Your Big Year platform is the first stop in discovering your journey. We work with young people from every background to teach bridging skills from academia to career.

Your Big Year Platform has three main programs which are currently free for accepted applicants:

  • Impact Cohorts: Virtual curriculum focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how you can make your personal road map for your next step in life.

  • Immersive Internships: Unique professional projects working with multinational companies and government agencies. 

  • (Virtual) Travel Impact Challenge: 4-day virtual interactive event to create solutions to bridge cultures.

We’re proud to see our alumni go forward to speak on global stages, win exclusive fellowships, launch new businesses and travel the world - in fact, we boast about them in our “My Journey Is” article series! 

Your Big Year Approach

We meet, support and empower you where you are. Whether you have concrete goals about what you want to accomplish in your life or you’re just starting to ask yourself questions around where you want to go and who you want to become, we can help you figure it out.

Your Big Year is about making an impact in your life and in your world. It’s about that moment in your life that inspires where you go today. And what’s more, if you feel like you don’t have that moment in your life as a catalyst just yet -- we can co-create that with you, and help you develop the skills and equip you with the tools to seize every opportunity that comes your way. We’re here to help you make today truly your big day, this month your big month, and this year your big year.

Your Big Year Outcomes

When we ask our alumni what they got out of Your Big Year, they say:

  • The confidence to pursue their dreams

  • New like-minded, passionate friends that support their goals

  • The skills they don’t teach you in school  (for example: how to network, expand your horizons, build relationships across cultures)

  • An action plan that empowered them to start planning out their next creative project or career step

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

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We seek self-motivated, participants from diverse backgrounds who bring passion, energy and a desire to learn to everything they do. While we don’t measure people by traditional credentials, we are seeking individuals that:

(a) strive to be a global citizen, 

(b) embrace new ideas and innovation, and 

(c) want to contribute to building a more sustainable and equitable world. 

If you’re interested in applying, consider your time and energy commitment to the program. We’re looking for passionate, energetic individuals who want to improve their soft skills and are looking for personal and professional growth.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants:

Why Apply?

If you would like to benefit from the Your Big Year tool kit curriculum as well as be considered for our professional projects, please apply on the form below.

Participating in the YBY cohort as improving your soft skills and building your confidence to seize opportunities in your life - whether in your career, relationships, travel or building interpersonal skills.

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