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We’re looking for (un)reasonably motivated young pioneers from all over the world who want to join the (r)evolution lab(formerly euforia Training Programme, eTP) and help us co-create an unprecedented international movement!


You are eager to experiment, share and learn? You are (un)reasonably motivated to empower 10 million people by 2020? You are more than willing to participate in unlocking the changemaking potential of youth? Then the (r)evolution lab was made for you!

The (r)evolution lab —or rev lab for short— is a space perpetually co-created with you and for you where you can connect with like-minded people for an innovative learning journey.  It allows you to share and learn a wide range of highly professionally valued skills and know-hows, such as team and project management, working collaboration, leadership, facilitation and wellbeing strategies. In the rev lab you experience a different kind of working culture based on co-creation, radical collaboration, pushing boundaries and daring to try (and fail). Whatever the path you have decided to take —be it developing your own socially-driven project, focusing on your personal development, trying to bring innovative practices into your workplace or wanting to work more closely with euforia to spread a euphoric spirit in your surroundings— the rev lab is the place where you can dive into the euforia award-winning methodology to unleash your own and others´changemaker potential!


The rev lab consists of 8 so-called lab weekends —that are training weekends— per year. During each weekend you get together with fellow changemakers to explore and improve your skills and knowledge in various fields, including project and team management, fundraising, facilitation, communication, leadership, wellbeing strategies, and alternative working cultures.

The rev lab is divided into two phases. Depending on which phase you are in, you will focus on different aspects during the lab weekends and have different responsibilities as well as opportunities.  Of course, if you sign up, there is no need to do both phases, you can opt out at any time - but once you catch the euforia virus, it's hard to get away, you have been warned! 


In the course of 4 lab weekends you receive the training, coaching, tools, mindset, and experience to successfully organize an imp!act event in your city. You learn to build, support and lead a team to empower other youths. Together we multiply our personal impact, allowing us to reach thousands of youth across sectors, origins and regions!

This first phase lasts about 6 months and ends with the implementation of the imp!act you and your city team organized together. 


You made it - you now have the chance to become a co-creator of the rev lab! While you continue to join the lab weekends to deepen your understanding of euforia’s theory, methodology principles and related skills as well as to learn from other euforians, you can also actively shape the content of the rev lab.

How is that possible? On your journey in the rev lab, together with a small team you will be responsible for organizing 1-2 of the lab weekends which allows you to put together the agenda of that weekend. During each of the lab weekends there is open space that is to be filled with new workshops developed by you and all the other changemakers of the (r)evolution lab! You are of course equipped with the know-how of how to design workshops so that you can create sessions on the topics and skills you are most passionate about and that you want to pass on to others.

With your input, passion and commitment each of the lab weekends becomes a unique learning experience that allows you to grow personally and professionally and to connect and collaborate radically with fellow euforians to allow positive change to happen!

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  • You are 18 to 30 years old (+/-), a motivated and enthusiastic teamplayer with an entrepreneurial attitude.
  • You share euforia’s values and vision.
  • You like working solution-focused with like-minded young people from different backgrounds and are eager to take on responsibility.
  • To become part of the rev lab you should have already participated in an imp!act event. imp!act trainings take place in various cities in Switzerland and other cities around the world twice a year in the months of April/May and October/November.
  • The participation fee is based on a modular system. You can purchase a certain number of credits that are then used towards the different workshops offered at each of the (r)evolution lab weekends. Stay tuned for more information on the rev lab credit system!


Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

Cost/funding for participants:

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