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A main activity of iGaming.com is to create attractive-looking, well-structured, bug-free, informative websites through which to promote our partners’ products. To achieve this, we depend on the expertise of the professionals in our production departments:  SEO, Research, Sales, Design, Tech and Content, which are closely coordinated by our Project Management team.


The iGaming.com project managers have the responsibility of transforming our plans and ideas into reality. This calls for a high understanding of the projects' requirements, knowledge of our company production processes and ability to translate the former into the language of the specialists from the different production departments. Furthermore, to secure the highest success of a project, a PM follows up on the changes made and keeps a watchful eye for opportunities for further development.

Since our many successful projects are growing and multiplying, so is the workload and consequently – our need for additional responsible and motivated junior project managers to join our team. Currently we are looking for a Junior Project Manager to support the PM of our projects focusing on different gambling markets. If you are interested in such a position, please check out below the profile and requirements for the Junior Project Manager role in iGaming.com.

These Tasks Await

  • Support our PM team in all project related tasks by strictly following their instructions and guidance 
  • Get to know and document the requirements of the project  
  • Support the execution of a plan for a website/webpage  
  • Collaborate with all company departments in order to achieve the project's goals  
  • Prepare tasks with detailed instructions for the individual team members  
  • Ensure proper project documentation, debriefing and feedback 
  • Perform quality assurance through the various stages of production, i.e. proof reading, technical checks etc. 
  • Curate and occasionally update content in WordPress 
  • Make sure that the final product complies with all the set requirements  
  • Contribute to improving the process by giving suggestions based on hands-on experience  
  • Proper use of our workflow processes throughout different departments   

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

This profile is matching with us

  • Experience in project management coordination or in leading projects of small to middle complexity 
  • Experience with content-management systems and more specifically WordPress   
  • High proficiency in spoken and written English    
  • Openness to working on different language markets   
  • Strong interdisciplinary communication skills   
  • Basic knowledge of web-development disciplines: content, design, code, SEO   
  • Experience with or keen interest in affiliate marketing  
  • Excellent organizational skills and a structured approach   
  • Ability to prioritize    
  • High attention to detail  

Not a must, but considered a plus: 

  • Experience in the iGaming industry  
  • At least one-year experience as a copy writer, content marketing and/or QA of websites   
  • HTML basics  
  • Experience with task management systems, especially Asana   
  • Experience with SEO tools and on-page optimization


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants:

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