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Learn how to plan and implement a project in a conflict-sensitive way. Peacebuilding, development and humanitarian interventions aim at contributing to a positive impact on the contexts within which they take place. External interventions in volatile environments thus need to be sensitive to the context. This includes the identification and mitigation of the risks of exacerbating conflict, and strengthening of opportunities to contribute to positive change. Working in volatile and potentially quickly changing contexts requires organizations and their interventions to be adaptive and flexible. A conflict sensitive approach systematically takes into account both the positive and negative impacts of interventions on contexts and the impact of these contexts on the interventions.


In this course you will:

  • acquire an understanding of the concept and aim of conflict sensitivity;
  • learn about practical tools for applying conflict sensitivity in strategic and operational aspects of program management and apply them to concrete practical cases;
  • discuss best practices and lessons learned with conflict sensitivity practitioners from different contexts;
  • receive practical support for your own work from swisspeace conflict sensitivity experts;
  • exchange experiences and become part of a community of practice.


This course is offered in an interactive virtual format. The course consists of preparatory readings, 6 half-days of virtually facilitated course (10/11/12 & 17/18/19 March 2021, afternoons CET), and individual tasks in between course days.

In between course days, participants will work independently on readings, individual tasks, and reflect on conflict sensitivity in their own work context, while staying connected via a course platform.


Leading international scholars and experienced practitioners from governments, civil society and the private sector facilitate this course:


  • Dr Nick Miszak, Program Officer Analysis & Impact Program, swisspeace (tbc)
  • Nora Schmidlin, Associate Program Officer Analysis & Impact Program, swisspeace (tbc)
  • Leandra Bias, Gender and Peacebuilding Advisor, Policy & Platform Program, swisspeace (tbc)
  • Sladjana Cosic, Senior Social Development Specialist, European Investment Bank (tbc)
  • Leslye Rost Van Tonningen, Director, Conflict Sensitivity Resource Facility South Sudan(tbc)


  • Tania Hörler Perrinet, Senior Program Officer Analysis & Impact Program, swisspeace


  • expert inputs from and exchange with experienced international scholars and practitioners
  • exercises in which participants apply the acquired knowledge and skills and relate them to their own experiences
  • peer exchange during which participants share best practices and develop strategies to face potential challenges in practice or research
  • self-study, in which participants deepen their knowledge on specific methodological tools and approaches for peacebuilding, development and humanitarian actors working in conflict-affected and fragile contexts

The course language is English.

The course will take place in a virtual format. You will receive access to the course platform in due time.

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Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

This course is designed for:

  • professionals working in or on fragile and conflict-affected contexts and interested in improving their conflict sensitive project management skills
  • practitioners and academics interested in bridiging their own experiences with current conceptual insights and practical knowledge.

The existing swisspeace online conflict sensitivity course will be used for the individual preparation and processing of the content. The virtual course provides a deepening of the content of the existing online course, and is equally suitable for participants who already attended it as for those who have not.

Candidates must have:

  • a university degree in a related discipline such as political science, law, economics or sociology
  • at least two years of professional experience
  • a good command of English.

Please also note that your participation requires the following technical requirements:

  • Internet connection: Stable connection with sufficient bandwidth
  • Hardware: Laptop/ PC, headphones or loudspeaker, microphone and camera (Webcam)


Deadline: January 15, 2021

Program Starts: March 10, 2021

Program Ends: March 19, 2021

Cost/funding for participants:

Tuition fee: 1,500 CHF

Successful participants receive a Confirmation of Participation. This course can be taken as one module (2 ECTS) of the Certificate, Diploma and Master of Advanced Studies in Civilian Peacebuilding programs offered by swisspeace and the University of Basel.

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