Internships in Estonia

We’re people without borders — without judgement or prejudice, too. We want to work with the best people, no matter their background.
EFMC is a competitive management, consulting and training firm specializing in European Commission fund programmes such as Horizon Europe. It is primarily catering for key research organizations, academia, industrial consortiums and innovation-centric startup companies.
Synctuition is a digital sound solution technology which relaxes the brain and stimulates intuition. Intuition is a big part of decision-making which could greatly benefit a company.
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bnt attorneys-at-law is one of the leading business law firms in Central and Eastern Europe. Our clients come from Central and Eastern Europe countries as well as from Western Europe and overseas.
This is one of the most important tools EstYES uses to achieve its aims and objectives. EstYES organises short-term voluntary projects in Estonia, usually known as workcamps. These workcamps involve international volunteers and focus on local development within Estonia.
Eesti Pank is the central bank of the Republic of Estonia and a member of the European System of Central Banks. Estonia adopted the euro on 1 January 2011, becoming the seventeenth euro area Member State. This also meant that Eesti Pank joined the Eurosystem.
Our mission is to develop a gender diverse and inclusive engineering and tech workforce through education and technology.
We’re always looking for volunteers. Feel free to submit an open application and dive into a group of your choice. Learn something new and share your personal skills within our organisation. European Young Engineers (EYE) is an international non-profit organisation (est.
Dream Foundation is a cross-European study abroad organisation operating in 10 different European countries and representing more than 50 universities around the world. In Dream Foundation we believe that studying abroad should nowadays be part of one’s education path.

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