Scholarships in Estonia

The goal of this activity is to support foreign master’s students studying in Estonia, thereby contributing to international exchange of knowledge, to make the local study process more international and to increase the number of highly educated employees in Estonia in the long run.
The international three year Bachelor’s programme in Science and Technology at the University of Tartu, Estonia has innovative content and comprises selected parts of all that is taught in the Faculty of Science and Technology.
2-year master's programme prepares specialists for financial sector, banking and insurance industries in quantitative methods of risk assessment and hedging, providing knowledge and skills in two major areas - financial engineering and insurance mathematics.
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Degree to be awarded: Master of Science in Engineering (Computer Science) Abbreviation of degree to be awarded: MSc The International Master’s Programme in Computer Science prepares students for becoming leading specialists in public and private organisations and for further studies at the PhD level in Computer Science.
The 2-year master’s programme in Geoinformatics for Urbanised Society prepares highly qualified specialists in handling and analysing spatial data and developing decision support systems for public, private, and non-governmental sector.
The International Master’s Programme in Software Engineering imparts general software engineering and management skills, as well as specialized skills in two major software application domains: enterprise systems and embedded real-time systems.
The English-taught master’s programme in Quantitative Economics gives students strong preparation in contemporary economic theory and econometric analysis methods enabling them to analyze and forecast economic processes.
This MA programme combines comprehensive study of international relations as an academic discipline and political practice with in-depth understanding of particular geographic regions, including the European Union, Russia and Eurasia, and the Baltic Sea region.
International Law and Human Rights is a 2-year master's programme providing comprehensive knowledge of the principles, regulations, subjects and practice in the field of international law and human rights.
The aim of the programme is to educate specialists who are able to implement ICT solutions to management processes of enterprises and thus help companies to grow through more added value created. Qualified students should have a bachelor's degree in economy or ICT related field.
The 2-year master’s programme in Semiotics provides interdisciplinary background and gives a theoretical base for application of semiotic ideas to a wide variety of disciplines and scientific study.
Joining the master's programme in Philosophy at the University of Tartu will enable you to acquire historical and systematic knowledge covering a whole range of philosophical topics. You will learn how to think about fundamental “eternal” questions (e.g.
The University of Tartu is Estonia's leading research and development institution with more than 1100 doctoral students conducting reseach at the university each year.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers a limited number of scholarships for TalTech Master study candidates.
The scholarship supports foreign students in their studies at the Estonian higher education institutions. The scholarship can be applied for by foreign students who wish to study at a higher education institution in Estonia during the 2021/2022 academic year in formal degree studies or as an exchange student. The scholarship is administered by the Education and Youth Board of Estonia. 

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