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StipendiumPlus: more than just a scholarship, more than just one scholarship opportunity. We are thirteen organizations for the promotion of young talent which have come together under the umbrella of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to provide support to students and young researchers with special talents.


You have therefore got a dozen possibilities to choose from and to match your personal interests and your study priorities. There are ideologically neutral organizations as well as others that are more politically associated, denomination-based or are run by the unions or employers’ associations. We adopt and represent different views and positions which reflect the plurality of our democratic society, yet we share the same goal. We are dedicated to promoting the common good and are assuming responsibility for the society in which we live. We have established common rules and aims in coordination with the BMBF. Our motto is 'Diversity in Unity'. 

We are striving to achieve this vision for people like you. It is our hope that you will be inspired to share our enthusiasm. Clearly, you stand only to gain. For decades we have represented a large network with lots of experience and many contacts both in Germany and abroad – and with an unflagging curiosity about innovation. 





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What do I have to consider when applying? 

Apply as early as possible. The sooner you apply, the longer we can promote you. It is also important that you inform yourself comprehensively and prepare your application well, and that you prepare your application documents for the work of your choice. This is what gives us a very first personal impression of you: Who are you? What values do you stand for? Why did you choose the respective work for an application?

Basically, you apply with an application form, your CV, reports, and testimonials. Nevertheless, you should inform yourself at each talented development agency about application procedure and application deadlines, as they want to have your complete documents available at different times.

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Who we support

We support bright minds that seek to bring change to society. What this means in real terms: our funding programmes target German students as well as EU students and other international students who are entitled to permanent residence in Germany within the meaning of Article 8 Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG). The applicant student must be enrolled at a public or state-recognized institution of higher education in Germany. Periods of study abroad may also be eligible for support under certain conditions.

Doctoral students with a particular talent and a promising dissertation topic are also eligible for funding. In this particular case, admission to take a doctoral degree at a public or state-recognized institution of higher education in Germany is required.


Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

Cost/funding for participants:

In the basic funding for students we can - based on the BAföG and depending on your income and assets and the income of your parents or the income of your spouse - from the winter semester 2019/20 promote a basic scholarship of up to 735 euros. In addition, a non-income-related tuition fee of € 300 per month is granted. 

A scholarship and a scholarship in the doctoral training you get from 1/9/2019 one parent independent monthly stipend of 1,350 euros a month plus a research fee of 100 euros and possibly family and children surcharges.

Stays abroad can be additionally promoted (for students by foreign surcharges based on the BAföG, as well as, if necessary, by subsidies for tuition, travel and health insurance and a temporary foreign lump sum). Find out in advance about the possibilities offered by the talented work of your choice. No matter how much money you get from us, it is always true: The scholarship does not have to be repaid.

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