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Deadline: November 05, 2024


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  • Denmark
Gammel Dok Pakhus, Strandgade 27 B, 1401 København


The Danish Art Workshops (SVFK) is an institution under the Danish Ministry of Culture, whose purpose it is to provide working facilities for particularly demanding art works. At the SVFK it is possible for artists to do work in large formats, which their own studios or equipment cannot facilitate. Artists, designers, craftspeople, and restorers can work here on projects in art and design at the highest level.


The Danish Art Workshops contribute to the field of art and culture in Denmark by providing professionals with a unique platform for artistic development and production. This is not an artist in residency in the original sense, but a project based workshop environment. With a broad knowledge of artistic techniques and materials, fully equipped workshops, and unique production facilities we offer the most professional conditions for developing large scale and/or demanding projects.
All professionals no matter work field can apply for residency.

Our goal is to strengthen the capability to develop and produce art and design in Denmark. We do this by offering our own workshops and through collaborations with other artistic organizations, educational institutions etc.

Our three focal points are:

  • Artistic Production: We contribute to the realisation of art and design projects by offering professional facilities and counselling.
  • Artistic Development: We support innovative and research based artistic production.
  • Sharing Knowledge: We strengthen innovation and development of art and design through a variety of communication activities – courses, meetings, talks and events.

We regularly arrange artist and design talks, participate in the yearly Culture Night, and host a number of meetings, workshops and events within the industries. If you wish to borrow our meeting facilities, please contact the administration.


SVFK consists of 9 studios ranging from 28 to 140 m2 and fully equipped special-purpose workshops for:

  • Wood and CNC
  • Metal
  • Textile printing
  • Weaving
  • Tufting
  • Sewing
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • IT
  • Clay
  • Conservation
  • Silkscreen Printing

Professional Guidance

Highly competent craftsmen and artists among the staff offer guidance in the workshops and studios.

Peace and Quiet in a Professional Environment

Most often you’ll have a studio to yourself, to which you have 24-hour access. We work hard to accommodate particular needs. You will meet professionals across all branches within the artistic field.

Knowledge Database

SVFK holds a unique position when it comes to collecting knowledge about artistic working processes. On our website you will find an extensive database with thorough descriptions of projects that have come to life in our workshops and studios. Use the “search” button to find previous users and info about certain techniques and materials.

How to Apply

Next application deadline: 5 February 2024 at 24:00

You can apply for a residency four times a year. The deadline is always at the beginning of February, May, August, and November. Are you applying with a project that’s more than a year ahead, we kindly ask you to wait for a later deadline. Students are not taken into consideration – you must be established as a professional within your field.

N.B. It is not possible to rent a space in either workshops, studios or guest accommodation.

Opportunity is About


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate

Non-Danish applicants must apply with projects related to cultural activities within Denmark. This means, you must have some kind of collaboration with a Danish artist/exhibition space or your project must revolve around a Danish topic.

In relation to exhibitions and marketing of your project, the SVFK Advisory Board demands of you to clarify, that the work was produced during a residency at the Danish Art Workshops


Deadline: November 05, 2024

Cost/funding for participants

Contemplation in the Studios

  • SVFK provide a peaceful alternative to the usual workspace in shared art studios, and you may come and go as you like around the clock. If you have been granted access to one of our studios, other users will not have access to it.
  • When you work at the SVFK you will meet colleagues across disciplines and industries. We arrange artist talks and design talks, and you can have your lunch with other users and the staff. Friday afternoon we have a tradition of ending the week with wine and cake.
  • Online communication of projects is always based on respectful dialogue between the artist and the communication staff.
  • Please note, that a stay at the SVFK is not a residency in its original sense. We only provide the optimal working facilities – not press relations, contact with curators or other promotion activities.

The Execution of the Project Lies in Your Hands

  • Our workshop supervisors and consultants are skilled artists and craftspeople. As resident, you may draw on their expertise. The wood and metal workshops have full time staff, while the other workshops have associated consultants, who will get you started. The actual work on your project must be carried out by yourself or by your assistants.

You Must Provide Your Own Materials

  • You are responsible for providing the materials that you need, but our workshop supervisors and consultants are happy to give their advice on what to buy and where.
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