Scholarships in Germany

A career in science is among the most exciting and rewarding experiences. Pursuing a PhD is a challenging task that requires commitment, passion and hard work.
The International PhD Program for Agricultural Economics, Bioeconomy and Sustainable Food Systems (IPPAE) was first accredited in 1992 by the funder, the German Academic Exchange Office (DAAD).
The scholarship programme “Leadership for Africa” (LfA) aims to support the academic qualification and advancement of young refugees and national scholars from Chad, DR Congo, Niger, Nigeria, and Togo at higher education institutions in Germany.
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The Maria Reiche Doctoral Fellowships are specifically for graduate women pursuing doctoral degrees.
For generations, the University of Mannheim has been preparing students to take on leadership roles in business, academia, and society. One of the university’s strengths in this task is its profile, which is characterized by the economic and social sciences.
The Future of Europe Scholarship is aimed at future policymakers and leaders who are passionate about European cooperation, who wish to analyse and respond to existing and upcoming new complexities on the continent and who would like to pursue careers in European affairs.
Mass migration as a result of political instability and climate crises; the growing wave of right-wing populism affecting political systems across the world; the disruptive effects of digitalisation and new technologies on all aspects of life.
Interdisciplinary education is at the heart of the Hertie School's teaching. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) play a significant role in informing good governance and decision making around the world.
Graduation in your pocket and now your next goal is a scholarship? Apply today and become part of a unique community! Currently our scholars come from 55 countries of the world. Their subjects are various: law, sciences, music as well as medicine, just to name a few.
Schöller Fellow for promising early career scholars (including post-doctoral researchers and outstanding Ph.D. students).
DAAD research grants provide young foreign academics and scientists with an opportunity to carry out research and continue their education in Germany. There are funding programmes for various qualification phases and stages in a career.
The Leibniz Institute of European History (IEG) in Mainz is a non-profit institution devoted to academic research that is not part of a university. It is an independent research institute and it has been a member of the Leibniz Associationsince 2012
The Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship of the University of Mannheim Foundation aims to open up opportunities: The scholarship intends to enable students in a weaker financial position to take up or complete their studies.
As the world faces megatrends such as climate change and increasing inequality that pose threats to social stability in the future, the study of responsible governance is essential in the coming decades.
Climate change, cyber-warfare, nuclear weapons, terrorism – the security challenges facing the international community in the 21st century are diverse and complex.
StipendiumPlus: more than just a scholarship, more than just one scholarship opportunity.
The Clara Immerwahr Award, launched by UniCat in 2011, is an award for promoting equity and excellence in catalysis research fostering young female scientists at an early stage of their career.
In Austauschprogrammen, mit Stipendien gefördert, erleben Christen aus aller Welt unterschiedliche Kulturen und christliche Traditionen. Die Stipendien werden verwaltet durch das Stipendienreferat von Brot für die Welt.
Do you have good to very good grades or academic achievements, are you interested in politics, are you committed and have a liberal, cosmopolitan attitude? Then the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is the right place for you and you can apply for a scholarship here.
The Marion Dönhof Foundation funding fellowships at the Michael Succow Foundation creates a unique chance for post-graduate research on environmental issues focussing on the region of post-soviet states.
Applicants come from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Students in any subject area are eligible to apply, if they demonstrate excellent school or academic merit, wish to study in Germany and are committed to the values of social democracy.
Alle Stipendien des Studienförderwerks Klaus Murmann werden aus Mitteln des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) gezahlt. Wir unterliegen daher bei der Berechnung der Stipendien den BMBF-Richtlinien.
All applicants for the MSc in Computational Life Science, the MSc in Data Engineering and the MSc in Supply Chain Engineering and Management are automatically considered for Jacobs University Graduate Scholarships of up to €12,000 per academic year.
Finances can be a big worry for international students moving abroad, but it shouldn’t have to be! As an international student in Germany, there are plenty of financial aid and scholarship options available to you - so you can focus on your studies, not your finances.  No matter what your situation is, there will be an option for you.

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